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dahlia6February 22, 2011

My mother made chopped salads. I have found my method to be a time saver. I chop a huge amount of veggies fine and store them in a tea towel, not plastic, in the refrig. This mixture will keep well for 3-4 days and you can just pop a handful in a bowl and add cheese, tomato, cuke, hard boiled eggs or whatever you have on hand. I am partial to cabbage, radish, onion, carrot, broccoli etc. My salads many times do not contain lettuce unless Romaine is on sale.

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Thanks for this tip! I might try this on a small scale as the time consuming chopping of vegetables is the main reason I don't make very many salads for just me. With warmer weather approaching, I want to eat more main dish salads with lots of vegetables and some meat, chicken or seafood on top.

To you set the tea towel full of vegetables in a plate or on a small tray to catch any moisture given off by the vegetables?


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I keep diced cucumbers, onions, red, yellow and orange bell peppers in the refrigerator all summer long for quick salads. I keep them in separate glass containers that have the locking lids. They'll stay good for almost a week. I agree that dicing them all at the same time make the meal prep throughout the week go so much more quickly.

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