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idyllic001February 8, 2013

Hi,everyone. I am new here, and having a coloring choice question to ask. I am remodeling my kitchen and decided it to be a white on white one. The counter top stone I chose is a little bluish Caesarstone 1141 pure white quartz. However, it's very hard for me to find a matching cabinet color for it.
I want the cabinet color to help correct the bluish pure white counter top to more whitish. Can anyone help me with this trouble? I am so scared of making a wrong decision since the cost of remodeling the whole kitchen is a big number for us. I like the backsplash in this photo and will be very likely to use this one for my kitchen, but still open for suggestions. Thanks very much for help!

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Welcome! Looks like it's going to be beautiful! I don't really have a suggestion for you except that sometimes my countertops look different at all different times of day and it's made it hard to know which way to go for paint on the cabinets so I haven't painted yet. I'd like to go a bit to the gray side or even a little bit of mushroom. Have you looked at any of the colors of white that you might be leaning toward? Many people here have used Benjamin Moore paints. There are lots of really good people here with good advice and experience with color so I hope they will chime in! Good luck!

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robo (z6a)

Don't go for a yellow white, try a very light grey or greyish off white with no yellow...Bm white dove? Maybe? Any yellow will contrast and bring out the blue.

We use BM Oxford White on all our trim and it is bright and clean, just a touch of grey.

As an aside, in your inspiration photo, which is beautiful, there are a lot of greyish tans (floor, wall, backsplash and accents). If you are already saying you don't really like the bluish undertone of what you have, could it be that you would do better with a slightly warmer countertop and then warmer cabinets like BM Cloud White?

PS That wall color looks, on my monitor, a bit like Edgecomb grey. I have it and it's a very lovely light greyish tan in my Northern lighting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread on non-yellow whites

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A different undertone in your counter would give you more freedom to achieve the look that you enjoy. Unless you prefer all cool tones. If that is your preference, then you need to lay any color choices against a white sheet of paper and determine their undertone before even considering them.

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I have made many kitchens using White Dove for the color. It has a gray undertone that works with most colors. We did a lot of cabinets a few years ago with a yellow undertone and found it hard to match walls, counters and backsplashes. The yellow made it look weird with certain colors.

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I don't mind to have cool tone in my interior color scheme, because I will put in more saturate or deeper color to balance the off-white kitchen and wall. However, I am not sure if I will get a whitish kitchen and whitish wall I long for, or mistakenly make it a bluish or wired color look. I will go to BM to check the color again, and will try the colors that are mentioned above in some replies(thanks very much!). Also, besides 1141 pure white, I will with me bring 2141 Blizzard white which is a warmer white to the store for help. All I know is I want a whitish kitchen and whitish interior wall colors(a little bit undertone is fine). Though pure white is my first love, to get a RIGHT coloring match, I am okay with other possibilities.

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Are you already committed to the Caesarstone? If it's contributing a blue cast you don't like, can you get a different counter?

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My architect friend recommend caesarstone quartz to me, so I think I will stay with this brand. But I am now open to other whitish color that caesarstone offers as long as the whole house coloring scheme(including the exterior wall) feels right. :)

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I have a dark gray Caesarstone. If I were doing it again, I'd pick a lighter color, not because I don't like the look of the gray, but because it hides spills and crumbs so well that I miss stuff when I'm cleaning.

The rest of my kitchen is layered whites, warmer tones. If you don't like the blue cast of your original choice (and I would hate it myself), then consider other Caesarstone colors. People on GW seem to love Cambria quartz, so you might want to check that out as well. I think the prices are about the same.

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I got quotes on two slabs each from Cambria and Caesarstone, and Cambria is much more expensive than Caesarstone. I was thinking if there was any way that I could use cabinet colors to make the bluish pure white countertop appear whitish. But it seems like a challenge. :P

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If the bluish undertone is wrong, stop there. Get something else, or you will be trying to compensate for it with everything else, throwing good money after bad. Find another counter that's got the undertones you love.

It's like you bought a lipstick with too much blue in it, so then you try to find a foundation that disguises the fact that your lipstick is too blue. Time to rethink this.

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Definitely take another look at the Blizzard, which as you say, is a bit warmer. You might find it easier to match a paint to, although I never saw blue in the Pure White. Barring that, I'd go with the advice to look for a white paint color with some gray in it.

One thing I've found helpful is to go to houzz.com and do a search for a specific element and then when you find a picture that looks similar to what you like, read through the comments/questions and see if the paint color is listed. Sometimes that gives you some ideas. And my last bit of advice, and something I just figured out today, is that Caesarstone has different names for some of its colors in the U.S. than it does in the rest of the world, so go to the international Caesarstone site and search by number, not name, to see the name of the color internationally, then do a google image search from there. It might lead you to some paint colors.

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Thank you for posting such a nice photo. I like the combination of the glass and open shelves, especially with the banquette.

As for the color, maybe just pure white? Your grays and tans will both match and if you're using stainless steel appliances, they will also look good.

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Thanks everybody. I went to BM store today and spent hours there finding colors. Based on your advice, I focused on grayish colors and brought back a lot of big sample pieces. Now I have confidence to pick the right color for my cabinet to match my countertop. I will post my final decision later in here. Thanks again!

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