danieiieFebruary 8, 2006

Hello! Does anybody have experience with rabbit meat? I have eaten it couple of times, but never cooked it. My friends gives away babyrabbits and we are planning to try it out on weekend. I have different recipts and they say to cook it as chicken, but another say its big difference about the size and if its home or wild rabbit. Is almost month old rabbit still small?

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If you have a copy of Joy of Cooking, there are rabbit recipes in it. If you don't have a copy, I'm going to bet your local library will have one.

When I was dating in high school, my boyfriend raised rabbits for eating and to supply to the local grayhound farms as bait for racing. I would go to his house for lunch on Sunday and his mother ALWAYS served "chicken" salad sandwiches. It never bothered me that it was rabbit instead of chicken, but it always bothered me that she lied. I'm not sure if she roasted or boiled the rabbit, but it was always very good.

My brother would hunt wild rabbit and mom would just fry it, cut up, just like she fried chicken. In fact, most recipes for rabbit are along the lines of those you will find for using chicken. Just Google rabbit recipes and I'm sure you'll find more than you have time to look at.


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