Vacuum Sealer recommendations, please

marie26February 15, 2005

I have a very old vacuum sealer that I don't use as often as I should. One of the reasons is that I need to hold it down until the all the air is taken out and sometimes it works well and other times not as well.

Are there newer models that you don't have to press down on them to get the air out?

Which models do you recommend?

What about the vacuum sealed containers that come with some of the models? How do these work? Must you buy these containers only from the vacuum sealer's company?

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I have the Tilia Foodsaver but an inexpensive model. I do have to hold down the tab until it is sealed but it is not a problem. Perhaps the more expensive models have a feature so you don't have to hold it down. I did get the canisters thru Tilia and they are well worth the money. I have kept salad greens fresh for over two weeks. I also have the wide mouth sealer for canning jars and like that feature, too.
I had another Tilia Foodsaver that I had for many years and it eventually lost its ability to vacuum seal and then I broke the tip off the tubing I used on the canisters so I got rid of it. Then found out I really missed the convenience so bought another one.
I keep my Foodsaver on the counter and I use it several times a day. It is great when you find bargains at the market and have a freezer.
I have also sealed my sterling silverware in the bags to prevent tarnish....does a great job.

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I heartily endorse what "Carol in California" says about the Tilia Food Saver!! It is a wonderful appliance.

I have an old "pro" model, which has given good service through several years now. I do have to press down to get the vacuum started, but once it starts I can let go and it finishes on its own....I do not have to keep holding down to complete the vacuuming process.

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