Just bought a chest freezer..need to fill!

cathycdkJanuary 12, 2002

Hello everyone :)

We just bought a 15 cu. ft. chest freezer that will be delivered next week. How in the world do we fill it so that it will run efficiently without bankrupting our food budget? I know that eventually it will really help us save by stocking up and cooking ahead, but the thought of a half empty freezer wasting energy turns my stomach.

Thanks for you suggestions.

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I made lots of soups, stews and chilis to stock in mine. Also great to buy bulk meat. Get a family pack of hamburger or chicken etc.. and break it down into meal size bags, if you are having company take out 2. Sometimes you can get deals at local meat plants on cases of sausage, hot dogs or chicken breasts.

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I'm no expert and don't have a freezer myself but I think I read that they are more efficient when full, even if it's just ice in there. So if you can only fill it up half way, try jugs of water in there for ice. Can someone confirm this or set me straight?

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Great idea! you are right they are more efficient when full so if there is too much space anything in it helps although a pain when you need something below.

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Buy ice cream in bulk!

I also keep a platter from Pampered Chef that keeps things cold in my extra freezer. It needs to freeze for a few hours before using, and I always forget to do it when I need to, so now I just keep it in there. The same with the tub for my ice cream maker. Who wants to wait the 6+ hours for that thing to freeze up?

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We have a big chest freezer. I raise vegetables in garden and we also raise beef and lamb so our freezer is, at times, full to the brim and other times, it may be half full. When I want to keep it full to run efficiently, I freeze the two ltr pop bottles full of ice tea or water. Coincidentally, this is usually during the summer which really works great as I can take out the frozen water/tea and put in cooler which helps keep the other items cold and it is great to drink. I also buy bread at the day old bakeries to keep in the freezer.

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Hello everyone!
I'm enjoying reading all of your ideas! Please keep sending them along! I can't wait to get my freezer so I can start filling it! I've been longing to make things in advance to freeze in meal size portions, make baby food, and to try things like making homemade frozen pizzas, cookie dough, etc. I really like the frozen ice tea idea! We drink a lot of ice tea and water in my house and that will work great!

Thanks again everyone.

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I do frozen pizzas all the time, they dont need cooking before freezing. I have also been making ahead and freezing sausage rolls, cabbage rolls, pirogies with all differnt fillings, lasagna, shepherds pie, chicken wings, burritos, they are all great for tired nights all you need is a day or 2 free for cooking non stop but it is worth it.

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Can it hold.....something say.......6 feet tall???? JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!

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6' 2" even. No Problem. But you have to use a ramp out of 2 X 6 's to get "it" in there!! (Fold before rigor mortis sets in)

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