Can nuts be frozen?

jamie_azJanuary 21, 2002

My sister gave me a gigantic bag of walnuts. I have a food vacuum sealer and was wondering: if I seal them, how long will they stay fresh in my pantry, or should I freeze them?

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By all means freeze them. It's the best place to keep them. I put them in ziplock bags and freeze--no need to defrost, either. You can just take what you need from the bag and use frozen in pretty much everything. They'll keep a long time frozen and won't go rancid. I've kept nuts for up to a year with no discernible loss of quality--as long as they were well-sealed.

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Ditto to the above post. They will last longer if frozen.

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The manufacturer actually suggest you freeze the nuts, because of their high fat content. If you don't, as the previous post mentioned, they will go rancid.

Here is a link that might be useful: What's the best way to store nuts for a long period of time?

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