Freezing ribs

PrairieCloverJanuary 19, 2006


I'm making some freezer meals for a family in my neighbourhood. I'm wondering about how to freeze ribs. Can I just take any ribs recipe, make it and then throw them into the freezer? Also how do you re-heat them after they are frozen? Can they be re-heated from a frozen state, or do they need to be thawed first? I did find a great slow-cooker recipe for ribs on allrecipes, so I'm wondering if, once they are done if I can freeze them. Thanks for the tips!

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I can only offer my observations as I have never frozen ribs after cooking but I have purchased ready to warm up meats and they work out fine. (But I've stayed at a Holiday Inn, LOL) The longer time to heat if frozen would tend to dry them out before thawed I believe. If you freeze them without too much liquid, freeze, and then vacuum seal them it would probably minimize freezer burn if kept too long. I would thaw them before microwaving, however. I've frozen soups and foods with liquid but only problem is that it takes a long time to thaw out unless you prepare in container suitable for microwave so I plan ahead with these. Note that microwave meals are small portions and thus can be heated in a short time so keep this in mind. Hope this helps, you've probably figured this much out yourself. How do you fix your ribs?

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Yes just cook them and then freeze them...wrap them in foil and they can go straight into the oven frozen....or unwrap and nuke...

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