Breezy please post your drawer depths.

quiltgirlFebruary 14, 2013

Breezy, could you please tell me the height of your drawers? When looking at your pictures it looks like you have a lot of shallow drawers. Do you find your shallow drawers and deep drawers more efficient than say 8" or 10" drawers?
I too have inset cabinets being made and have been struggling with my drawer sizes. I finally ended up with
5 3/4" slabs and 13" five pc. drawer fronts. Most of my drawers are on a 16' 4" wall and are very visible. It is amazing how much stuff I have that will fit in those shallow drawers! Will I regret not having drawer depths in between the shallow and the deep?

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Hi Quiltgirl. Sorry it's taken me so long to be able to grab enough time to answer you properly.

First, my cabs are full overlay, not inset. I prefer the inset look, but needed to stretch our budget to cover a whole house reno and inset was too much to spend an already expensive room.

Before deciding on a cab/drawer configurations, I had made an inventory of every single item I had to store in the kitchen. Every whisk. Every corn poker. Every serving tray. Etc. Then, I grouped those items on paper by the zone in which they would need to be stored. When my new kitchen layout was settled (which took over a year and hundreds of drawings), I labeled each zone on my plan and looked at what needed to be stored in the space I had. That drove the type of storage each zone needed.

I know people rave about deep drawers, but I found that many of my items were small and would get swallowed up in deep drawers. I wanted quick, easy access to my needed item when I opened a drawer, not a scavenger hunt which would necessitate lifting or moving other items in the process. So for me, 4-drawer stacks were better in most places.

My 4-drawer stacks hold a ton of stuff. Many drawers aren't as full as they could be. Top drawer to bottom interior height:


Drawer front height:

*****Most of these pcs are old and have been at least a little differently organized now.****

Right of rangetop in 38" 4-drawer stack:

Left of rangetop in a 38" 4-drawer stack:

15" wide 4-drawer stack in my prep zone to the right of the prep sink:


I enjoy my 3-drawer stacks in other areas of the kitchen also, but they aren't a good place to store spatulas, baking tools, brushes, serving spoons, cork screws, spices, scale, graters, and other small kitchen tools. They are, however, wonderful in my prep zone for my large and small prep bowels.

Interior drawer heights from top to bottom:


Drawer front heights:


Prep zone drawers. (DW hadn't been unloaded into these drawers yet so they are a bit empty in these shots.) 30" wide 3-drawer stack:

Top (need DH to install my Lee Valley drawer dividers.)



I also have two deep drawers under my rangetop for storing all my pots and pans. Those drawers are 8" and 9.25 in the interior with drawer front heights of 11" and 12.75". I find these drawers invaluable for all my big and heavy cookware.

Sorry that ended up to be a dissertation on my drawers. :) Hope that answered your questions!

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Thanx for the post breezy. Always appreciate the pics & explanations of the thought process you went through in your planning process.


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Sorry to hijack! But Breezy, could you please share where you purchased the tins for your spices?

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The spice jars are from specialty bottle. Thanks breezy for introducing us.. I think many of us have now purchased this.

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Tmy--you're welcome! If you look closely around the thread about being new to the forum, you'll see Buehl's suggestion of this inventory and associated zones. She even has a schematic of her kitchen that lists drawers and what she store in each! Thanks, Buehl!

Isabel--The tins were another GW find. Lascatx showed hers on a vintage thread on spice storage. The smaller tins in front are the 4 oz tins. I use the larger 8 oz tins for spices in the back of the drawer that I use larger quantities of at a given time. Thanks, Lascatx!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Specialty Bottle tins

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Thanks for the measurements. I cannot fit in 7 and 9 inch drawers without throwing my horizontal lines of the drawers off. This is frustrating me since I think your middle size drawers would be very useful. Unfortunately most of my drawers are on the same wall, so symmetry plays a part for me. I do have two 21" stacks of four drawers, one near the stove and one in my baking area. I guess I can stack my mixing bowls in one of the deeper drawers. (Have four) They are about 11.5" deep. One will hold all my baking pans on edge in a vertical divider system, one will hold large flour, sugar etc. canisters, one for pots and pans and the fourth for mixing bowls etc. Also have open shelving in baking area, so pretty bowls can go there! Thanks for posting your drawers and the contents!

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Thank you so much! Just placed my order. :)

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I stack mixing bowls in a couple of my prep drawers. Works fine. In general I try not to stack more than two deep, unless it's the same size of the same item. Have you posted drawings of your cab run? I've seen you trying to work out the storage, but I don't recall seeing a plan.

Isabel--you're welcome! I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do.

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