Your favorite recipes/menus for planned leftovers

bizzybeeJanuary 5, 2002

I've tried OAMC and found that too exhausting plus family didn't especially care for all those frozen main dishes. I'm thinking that this year I'll try more meals where I cook a large meal one day with much of that the basis of maybe two meals to follow. What ideas/menus/recipes do you have or resources do you know of for ideas for doing this? I'm talking about large beef roast one day, beef and noodles the next, beef stir fry a third, stuff like that.

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Roast beef one day, after that you can have beef and gravy on buns or BBQ beef on bun, croquettes, hash, or it also goes excellent in homeade spaghetti sauce which also freezes without noticing.

Make Cabbage rolls or the casserole, use scrap pieces of cabbage and cabbage water with ground beef and veggies for cabbage soup, save some rice for a stir fry, fried rice or chicken and rice dish.

Roast Chicken, chicken soup, chicken and dunplings, chicken salad, chiken divan, chicken and rice.

Ham, ham salad, mac and cheese, pea soup, cauliflower ham casserole.

Leftover poatoes, shephers pie, hamburger gravy on potatoes, potato pancakes, fish cakes, fast potato salad.

Fish, fish cakes, chowder.

Chili, chili dogs, chili fries, chili cornbread casserole, chil burritos

Salad, mix with any meat and cremy dressing and make wraps

Turkey, hot turkey sandwiches, Soup, turkey and stufffing casserole, turkey mixed with stir fried veggies or with salsa and pasta

Sausage, homeade pierogies, sausage rolls, pork and beans, sausage, bean and pasta casserole with cheese.

Pork roast, pork stew (I am at a loss with pork)

You can make meat pies with almost any leftover.

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hi. i made spaghetti last night.made leftover noodles into pasta salad. froze leftover sauce for another day.
after a roast,i make beef pot pie,veg beef soup(or any beef soup)
roast chicken or turkey,leftovers are good for dumplings(add canned broth),chicken salad,pot pies,soups,stuffed pitas
pork leftovers can be used for many of the same things. make into tacos,add a can of baked beans,hot pork sandwiches
the most important thing to remember.....always cook a little extra to make into something else.after a couple days when you have a couple kinds of meat in refrig,and some rice,potatoes,and cooked pasta, you'll be able to come up with 2-3 casseroles.

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I find that if I buy the family size pkg of ground beef and brown it all at once I can freeze portions for different meals like spaghetti, sloppy joes, chili, hamburger casserole.

I will roast/bake a chicken and have it for chicken and noodles and then chicken enchiladas or chicken tetrazzini.

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Just a simple thing I like to do is when I have leftover meat of any kind, hamburger, sausage, pork roast, steak, whatever, freeze it and after you have a good assortment, pull it out, mix it together and make chili. With all the different meats blending makes for a very tasty chili and uses up leftovers. Could also use it for a spaghetti sauce, sloppy joes or whatever else.


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