Is your 30" wide sink big enough?

quiltgirlFebruary 21, 2013

I have settled on the Kohler Whitehaven sink. When I looked at the 36" in the showroom, it looked big. I have yet to see the 30" in person. If you have the 30" wide sink, is it big enough? The internal measurements are just over 24" and that sounds skimpy. If you have the 36" sink and set in a 36" cabinet, how does that look aesthetically? Seems like you should have a couple of inches on either side of it, but the specs say it can go in a 36" cabinet.

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I don't get why people continually ask this question. No one can tell you what sized sink is big enough for you. What size sink do you currently have? Is that big enough? Compare the dimensions of the Kohler to your current sink to determine what works for you.

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Quilt girl - please ignore the previous poster.. Obviously a troll who is posting unhelpful rude comments.

I found that 30inches is just about OK for my family of 4 if we use it just for cleanup activities. A deeper sink helps and a separate prep sink helps with space for rinsing veggies etc. if you do not have a separate prep sink, then do have space for 33 or 36inches?

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Have you considered the 30" Kohler Whitehaven self trimming apron sink? I was looking at it the other day. Its interior dimensions as I read it are 29-1/2â³ x 21-9/16â³ x 9" with a 2" basin slope toward offset drain. Model K-6486.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link:

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Really depends on you. I have a Blanco Silgranit Vision sink which has interior dimensions of 21 x 15 x 8. It is the only sink in my kitchen. I have a family of 5, 2 teens and 1 pre-teen who have constant companions at the house, I cook from scratch, I have dinner parties, hockey parties, work parties for hubby. I have never NEEDED anything larger. I agree with realism, compare the specs to what you have now and see what you want. I can't imagine any situation where I would NEED larger than what I have.

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I have a Julien stainless apron front in a 30" cabinet. Internal dimensions are 26.75"x17.8" and I find it fits everything I would want to put down into it (maybe not all at once.) I actually measured the largest items I knew I'd want to be able to put in it - my largest cutting board (wooden, so hand washed), my largest frying pan, and my half sheet pans. They all fit with room to spare, but I knew they would because I measured first.

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Its your place you are free to do what ever you want. It should be your call not others. Do what ever you feel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Paramountbathroompros

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I am certainly not a troll. Just kinda off put by a simple question about what is the "right" sink. THere is no right sink for every person. My response contained useful advice. The original poster should look at the size of her current sink. If it is sufficient for all that she uses it for then she does not need a bigger sink. If she finds that it is too small then she should upgrade in size. To be honest this is pretty common sense. I think so many people here get so caught up in decision making and what is the so called right thing to do that they just stop using common sense.

Bottom line, when designing a kitchen there is no one size fits all right answer. You must design a kitchen that works well for the person who is going to be using it.

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I understand why the poster is asking this question: In the past, EVERYONE had a double sink. It was just "the thing". Years ago I don't think I was aware that anything else was available -- I think I would've thought a smaller, single bowl sink was a "cheap choice".

That's changed, and since most of us use dishwashers for amost all our dishwashing, many of us like the idea of a single sink. I love the idea of one large space, only one drain, more storage space under the sink -- and I don't think I'm alone in my desire to move to a single basin sink. So I suspect the real question is, "I'm getting a different kind of sink and have no experience with it. What's 'big enough'?"

My opinion: Look at 30" on a yardstick. It's pretty big. I can't imagine it not being "enough" to wash your biggest pots and pans. If you go larger, your sink'll take forever to fill up with water -- unless you always use a dishpan, and that kind of defeats the purpose of having a nice sink. Also, remember that everything's a give-and-take: If you move up to a 36" sink, you just lost 6" of counterspace. Which do you personally need more in your kitchen?

My experience: I do not buy into the "deeper is better" craze. We have a DEEP sink in the breakroom at my work, and I despise it. I'm only 5' tall, and I find it difficult to reach into that sink. In contrast, you don't want to go too shallow. My bathroom sinks are too shallow, and if you turn the water on full-blast, you'll be splashed. My own kitchen sink is just a plain old standard depth, and I think that's perfect. Do note that if you're going with an undermount sink, it'll make your sink a tad lower still; be sure to account for that in your calculations.

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I have the shaws fire clay 36" sink right now. As much as I love it, I have actually found that when I want to hand wash items, it is too big for my taste. Takes a long time to fill enough to hand wash.

My next sink in my new house will be the one in the picture. The large side is 23 7/8" wide on the inside.

My largest baking sheets are 20" wide. I can't think of anything I own that wont fit into that large side and lay flat.

You are second guessing yourself, but a 24" interior width is a good size!

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Love my 30" Whitehaven in my small kitchen. It's perfect for our family of four plus larger gatherings. My old sink was smaller and did not fit my large pots and pans. This one is great! That said, if I had a large kitchen, I would have gone with the 36" sink. I do have a lot of large pots and pans! I don't fill up my sink with soapy water though - I just handwash each item. I know it's not the eco thing to do but it just seems more sanitary.

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My current sink is just shy of 21" interior width. Just a bit too small, and I am "upgrading" to a 24" which should be perfect. I also hand wash my pots, and cookie sheets, and the shelves from the fridge. But I am just an "everyday" sort of cook, with a small family, so unless we've been lazy, we aren't piling lots of stuff in the sink.

I'm going to take a close look at that Kohler sink. I hadn't wanted enameled iron, but otherwise this looks pretty perfect to me!

I saw a stainless steel sink that comes with a set-in colander, mini-sink, and cutting board -- that would be so great, but it doesn't have an offset drain which I REALLY want.

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Realism: I am truly sorry if my question annoyed you. I think you may have misunderstood it. Just to clarify, I am not asking anyone here to tell me what size sink I need, nor did I ask for anyone to tell me what is the right sink.

Perhaps I was not as cohesive of a writer in my question as I should have been, so let me explain my position a little more clearly. Right now I have a double bowl sink and do not have a dishwasher. In the new kitchen I will have a prep sink (for the first time in my life) , a dishwasher and a single bowl sink. It is not that I cannot look at a yardstick and see what 24" looks like or make a decision on what size sink is right for me. However, seeing a flat, one dimension object (yardstick) is not always as enlightening as seeing the actual object. As I said, I have not been able to view the 30" sink in person and I really like to see something in real life before purchasing. Since there is not a showroom within a decent radius for me to view this sink, I was hoping to garner any pertinent info from the helpful people who post on this site. So my objective was to simply be as informed as possible before making that decision. If you read MrsPete's post which followed yours, you will see she has a gift for understanding the question and a graciousness in her style of response. I see you are new to this site. I believe you will find that 99 and 9/10ths of the people who post here are very helpful in a most courteous and constructive way.

Thank you MrsPete. You have hit the nail on the head! Thank you for your insight and very helpful response!
Sparklingwater: The 30" Whitehaven is just over 24" in width in internal dimensions. The K6486 has the shorter apron and the outside measurements are 29 1/2" I am considering this size but with the wider apron.

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My Kohler Undertone is 30ish X 16ish X 8 I think. I love it. I used to have a double bowl sink and thought I would miss it, but I really enjoy the single bowl better. 30" is enough. I can set two sets of dishes, pots, or baking dishes, etc in there.

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Thank you for posting this question. Like you, I am switching from a double sink to a large single, and was unsure of what size to go with. So, my reaction to your question could not have been more polar to poster Realism's comments. Also, I can't recall this exact question being asked much and I have been on these boards for a while as I can see you have. It seems that Realism is a new poster so, I can't see why she is so tired of this question being posted (when it hasn't).


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30" is plenty wide enough for me. I have a small, 10'x10', single-user kitchen. I went from a shallow, double-bowl sink and initially my new 30" sink seemed ridiculously cavernous. I got over that quickly :) and don't see how I made do with the shallow double bowls.

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Well it looks like I am going with the 36" Whitehaven sink.
After the cabinet maker looked at the plan, a 36" sink base makes the other cabinets on that wall fall in the right place to be centered with the cabinets above. The price difference for the 36" vs. the 30" was only $70. After comparing prices online, I called my local plumbing house and asked if they matched prices. (a suggestion by a poster here on GW) and I actually got a better price then online!
Ontariomom, I think you will be happy with a single bowl sink. There are so many factors to take into consideration when figuring size. It is more than just viewing a yardstick and choosing a measurement. I think proportion and how the size affects the symmetry of your cabinets and your sink wall is important as well.
Are you replacing a sink or doing a remodel?

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