Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce

booberry85August 10, 2014

DH & I went to a family outing yesterday. We had ice cream with homemade hot fudge sauce for dessert. It was deliscious. His aunt offered the family recipe for hot fudge sauce. The DH took pictures of the recipe with his cel phone so his aunt wouldn't have to copy down the recipe. Now the !*@*!! won't give me the recipe!!! Let's just say D doesn't stand for darling!

I know the recipe had semisweet chocolate chips, heavy cream, and butter. It possibly had granulate sugar in it as well. It involved using a double boiler to melt the chocolate. Does anyone out there have a recipe like this for hot fudge sauce or a killer hot fudge recipe they are willing to share?

Thanks so much!

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This one is really good. Just warm it up to serve over ice cream.

Chocolate Sauce
Source: Lenotre's Desserts and Pastries
9 ounces semi-sweet chocolate
(I used 9 ounces of Callebaut Milk Chocolate)
1 cup milk
5 teaspoons creme fraiche or heavy cream
1/4 cup granulated sugar
2 1/2 tablespoons butter
Melt chocolate in double boiler. Bring milk to a boil, add the creme fraiche and bring back to a boil. Remove the pot from the heat, stir in the sugar, the melted chocolate and the butter. Replace the pot on the stove and boil the sauce for a few seconds. Pour into a bowl and cool.

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Thanks so much Ann! Can't wait to try it & shock the DH!

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If you want a warm caramel sauce to go with it, I have one that you might like.

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For decades, I've used the original Hershey's fudge recipe to pour over cakes and ice cream. You just undercook it so it remains liquid. If you really want to clog everyone's arteries, add a little extra butter and substitute half & half for about 50% of the milk.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fudge

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Ann, I have your caramel sauce recipe and have made it before with your decadent brownies. They were a huge success. I brought them to a family function. When I went to go get one with the caramel sauce, I found my sister-in-law licking the bowl with her finger that the caramel sauce was in. The nephews had gotten into them before everybody else, so the vast majority of the family didn't get any brownies or caramel sauce!

Ctnchpr, thanks for the recipe. I'm printing out both yours and Ann's.

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Booberry, this is a different caramel sauce. Equally as good.

I was out of heavy cream and wanted to make a caramel sauce.
So I used a can of condensed milk to make this sauce.

1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup butter
Pinch of salt
1 can condensed milk

Mix Sugar, Maple Syrup, Butter and pinch of salt. Bring to a boil.
Simmer for two or three minutes. Add Condensed milk, stirring until
well mixed. Simmer for 60 seconds. Remove from heat, add vanilla.
Pour into bowl or jar with lid and refrigerate.

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Awesome! I'm copying this one too!

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I've also made Ann's hot fudge sauce and love it! I made it with bittersweet chocolate instead of semi-sweet (because that's what I have on hand), and it came out very thick, but I like it that way. I never have milk on hand (although I do buy cream), and so I used reconstituted dried milk, and that did not seem to make a difference. The dried milk I buy has a very good flavor anyway.


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Thanks for the caramel sauce recipe. I had last minute/day dinner guest and this was perfect to complement the chocolate truffle brownies I made. I drizzled it over the brownies on the serving plates.

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This is the recipe my mother got from a neighbor when Mom was just learning how to cook. It's the only one I've ever made.

2 squares unsweetened chocolate
2 cups powdered sugar
1 stick of butter
1 (sm) can of evaporated milk

Melt chocolate and butter in double boiler. Stir in evaporated milk. Slowly add powdered sugar, stirring in a little at a time. Continue stirring until all the sugar is mixed and there are no lumps or graininess (takes about 10 minutes).

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Cathy, it is dangerous to have that caramel sauce in the fridge. I'm always tempted to eat it by the spoonful.


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Here's a photo I took of some chocolate fudge sauce I made - I cannot find the recipe, though, but I think it came from Ann T. (our very own ever-awesome Ann T !)

These dessert sauces are dangerous to have around!!! :O)


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I just heat up a bit of heavy cream and add semisweet chocolate chips to it, stir until smooth. It's the same recipe as for ganache...I only make enough for immediate use, not for storage. It's less messy to heat the cream in a saucepan on low heat than a microwave, at least for me, since the cream tends to overflow the cup when it's really hot.

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That picture is cruel Sooz! I want hot fudge sauce for breakfast (not the yogurt that I did have for breakfast!)

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Hey, booberry85...hot fudge sauce goes very nicely on top of yogurt! Ask me how I know...sometimes, ya need to jazz up the yogurt...and I think the live cultures in the yogurt appreciate it. lol

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