Pre-making big batches of my own cornbread mix

levander404January 20, 2014

I make cornbread a lot and haven't found any pre-done cornbread mixture I like at the store even though I've tried a couple.

So, I'm looking at pre-mixing the dry ingredients so I can just add an egg, buttermilk, and maybe melted butter before baking.

The first thing I'm worried about, if I make a big batch of this mixture, and then just spoon out what I need for just one thing of cornbread, how do I know the cornbread mix I made is mixed well enough?

E.g., of all the thousands of little particles in the mixture, how can I make sure there's enough baking powder vs. corn meal in there? If I just shake the big batch of cornbread mix up well enough, should that be good enough to make sure all the particles are distributed well enough?

If I can't make sure everything is distributed well enough, I guess I could make the mix in individual serving size batches...

The second thing I'm worried about, is since the corn meal is whole grain, it should be frozen. But the other stuff that goes in there, like baking powder, can that be frozen? The other stuff, the sugar, salt, and any all purpose flour, I assume that stuff would freeze fine. It's the baking powder I'm worried about.

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I'm a lurker (normally found at the Kitchen Table) but I'll chime in here since making my own mixes is something I do, too.

I prefer my own cornbread recipe to any mix I've found, so I make my own. I do it in batches.

I mix/sift my cornmeal, flour, salt, baking powder, sugar, baking soda (and mark it for buttermilk) in a large bowl. I then pour that one batch in a zip-lock bag. Then I mix the next batch. I'll mix up 6-8 batches, each one separately, and then put the bags in my baking cupboard.

I don't mix them all at the same time because, like you pointed out, the lighter ingredients might settle out of the heavier ones. With my mixes each bag is complete for one pan of cornbread.

When I want cornbread I pour the contents of one zip-lock bag in my bowl, beat in the eggs and buttermilk, melt the oil in the skillet, add it to the batter and it's all good.

I like using equal amounts of cornmeal and flour (1 cup each) or 1-1/4 cups cornmeal to 3/4 cups flour, and very little sugar. I also like to use two eggs; I like eggy bread.

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