Thawing frozen flour

levander404January 20, 2014

I do some basic baking, like pizza doughs and corn bread. I know whole grain flours need to be frozen after opened if you're not gonna use them fairly quickly.

But, you're supposed to bring them back to room temperature before using. I assume this is so the dough you make won't be too cold and will rise well enough?

The thing is, when I take the flour out of the freezer, it seems to take forever for it to come back to room temperature. Even though I'm spooning out the amount I need and just trying to let that smaller amount thaw.

I tried microwaving the flour, but the resulting dough made out of the flour rose a lot more than usual and kind of messed up the bread I made.

What happened was the dough rose so much and was still really wet. More wet than usual. So I had to add what was too much dry flour so I could get a dough I could work with. The flour I added made the bread too bland, e.g., you couldn't taste the salt or sugar in the bread. And the extra flour maybe made the dough dense.

Anyway, anybody have a fast way for bringing frozen flour back to room temperature?

What I may have down wrong with the microwave is just left the flour in there too long, it got too warm, and so the dough rose too much. But I'd like to hear from people who've maybe done this successfully before I spend too much time experimenting.

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You don't have to thaw it, I use home ground whole wheat directly from the freezer. If you are trying to following the timing from a recipe, you will want your dough to be a certain temperature at the end of kneading ( Desired Dough Temperature DDT). You may want to use warmer water so the DDT is higher - though if you are adding yeast to the water, don't use a water temp that will kill the yeast.

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