Multi- Function Crock Pot?

DayleJanuary 16, 2002

Years ago I used a crock pot, but it went out with a yard sale long ago. But now I realize this may be a really convenient thing at this stage of life, and am looking for another. There is a new model out that will serve the same purpose, plus will deep fry, steam, and cook rice.(Anyone have one that could give me their opinion? )Also, I really want to know if you actually USE your crockpot regularly. I tend to buy "stuff" I think I need, then it sits in the cabinet because it's really not convenient to use! TIA!

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I only use mine if we are working late hours (2 months yearly) or going on an outing for the day and I wont have time to cook. It replaces fast meals or take out but when I am home I never use it since I prefer the oven or stovetop. I have a deep fryer and use it at least once every 2-3 weeks. Rice steamer never tried and rice is easy so doubt I ever would, know 2 people with them and they ahve never used it once.

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Dayle, I have never heard of the type of crock pot you are talking about. Who makes it? Do you know about how much it is? It sounds interesting to me because I used to have a deep fryer that I miss. I do have a rice cooker that I use but I have been looking for a steamer. If this steams well, I would consider buying this product. I have a small crockpot that I used only once although it would be very convenient for me at this point in my life to start using one again.

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I have what's called a Chef's Pot (I think Rival makes it) which, with the crock removed will deep fry and I've used it for boiling potatoes, pasta, etc, and you could steam with it too. It's basically an extra large Fry Daddy if you know what they are. It heated up fast. I think they're still made. I don't like messing with the crocks for slow cooking so I don't use this anymore. I use a Nesco Roaster (more detail in threads about Nesco and crock pots). You'll do everything with a Nesco that you'll do with a crock pot and more. I saw a unit on QVC that fits the description you gave: deep frying, steaming, rice cooker, slow cooking, etc. IIRC it's about $75 with the shipping on it. Not sure if that's what you're talking about or not. Also saw a unit on HSN that is a pressure cooker and all the other stuff for a little over $100. It interested me since I'm looking for a deep fryer and not sure what to get. I don't like single purpose appliances if I can avoid it. But then again, it doesn't give me anything I don't have besides the deep frying with a filter, although the pressure cooker one is interesting. I've been wondering if I'd like pressure cooking. Ah, decisions, decisions... :)


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Hi, I'm new to the list, joined after this thread died, but here's my $.02 worth.

I also have the Rival Chef's Pot, but learned after I bought it that it can come with a ceramic crock. I don't have that, do you know where to get one? Rival's web page is no help. Using it as a crock without the ceramic insert works OK, it's fairly nonstick, but nonuniform heat. Any info would be appreciated, as it's my only gripe with the pot.

Second, my mom assures me that if I ever use it as a fryer, I'll have the hot fat taste in every meal I make after that. This would also be fixed with the crock insert. It's something to consider with any multi-cooker you get.


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I haave one of the rival pots. I hate it. Since the element is on the bottom it really will not work as a slow cooker even with the crock insert.
although they do take up more space I prefer to buy applianced made especially for one purpose. That wya you usually get better fetures instead of a barely passable version of several. IE.... I like a covered deep fat fryer that has a basket that lifts up out of the fat. No splatering and much less smell that an open top fryer.

I do however love my corningware crock pot. The crock can go on the range top on in the oven. Thsi way you can brown your meat in the same pot. Just hte other day I "baked" a squash casserole in mine then top browned the cheese and crumbs in the oven.

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Crock pots are wonderful for busy days, but I think conventional preparation of most foods gives a better result. Dried beans are an exception because I can't tell the difference in crockpot or stovetop. I used to have a multi purpose pot and really didn't like it except for frying.

Sha lyn, I also have the corningware crock pot. I bought it thinking it would be convenient because I could brown stuff, but I am disappointed. The crock seems to be thinner than conventional corningware and it gets hot spots when you brown meats. The hot spot areas are impossible to easily clean.

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I've never had a problem with hot spots. Are yours on the bottom or sides of the crock? Is it when you are browning or when you are using it as a crock pot? Also any older recipes for crock pots need to be ajusted for shorter cooking times in any new crock pot. All of the new ones get hotter (to stop bacteria growth. Low temp on a new one is like high on an older one. I have foudn that on high the cooking time in the cornignware isn't that much longer than using the oven at say 350. IF I bring something to ta boil first then start it on high it is like a low simmer on the stove, but I don't have to stir it.

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Sha lyn, the hot spots are on the bottom when I'm frying. I really think it's because the glass is thinner than conventional corningware. (I use my regular corning on the stove top at times and have never had a problem.)

You are right about the temperature being higher in the new pots. This pot is so hot that I cook things in 1/2-1/3 the time most recipes call for - amazingly quick for a crock pot!

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I have a gas stove so I'm use to hot spots when browning/frying unless I am using cast iron so I really haven't noticed if it seems to be worse with the corningware crock vs other pans I have.

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I have the new Technique Multifunction "Does It All" Slow Cooker from QVC. I really like it. I have used it at least 3 times a week since I got it. I have not used all of the functions as yet. However, I love the metal pan rather than crockery. I love the fact that you can brown your meats in the slow cooker as it has Fry/Roast/Bake/Steam function along with Keep Warm/Low/High cook on the slow cooker side. My only objection is that the manual is not very helpful. The multifunction side is a little confusing to me. Now, I am a gadget person so this is right down my alley :) I will perfect this just as I did the bread machine 14 years ago :) I am on my 5th machine. I use them for dough machines. The slow cooker is wonderful, easy to clean, takes less time to cook than the crockery kind (of which I have two and two small ones for dips). My only wish is I wish I had some recipes to use the other functions in addition to the slow cooker.

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Can anyone tell me a vey basic instruction? When I do a deep fry using the multifunction crock pot, do I do it with the ceramic pot or do I remove it? Would it be hot enough if I deep fry in the ceramic pot? Thank you.

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