Labeling food in the freezer

EllenSJanuary 3, 2002

What can I use to label frozen foods with? Can I use the same thing on Ziploc bags and on re-usable containers? Thanks for any help with this.

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We use permanant magic marker on the container or bag, sometimes we write on masking tape and stick it on if we are doing lots of the same thing. At Christmas I saw a food labeller at Wallmart but it was $50 CDN. It did labels for all sorts of foods, expiry and packaging dates too.

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I agree with masking tape! Heidi S~

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For my plastic containers with dark coloured lids, I use a "china marker". It looks like a pencil but is more like a thin crayon wrapped with paper strips. You don't sharpen it, you just peel the paper off like a ribbon to expose more of the tip.

It stays well, and whatever doesn't wash off in the dishwasher can be rubbed off with your finger.

I use a white/yellow one for the dark lids, and a black/blue/red one to write on the white or clear sides of the container.

If I am using baggies I have been known to write the contents and date on pieces of masking tape, and stick that to the bags when they were filled. Just pull off the tape before heating/defrosting. I have also used an eye-liner pencil (in a colour that did not suit my eyes LOL) but they smudge easily.

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