Can I freeze 6 lbs of pears ?

quiltmomJanuary 17, 2002

I purchased a 6 lb. bag of pears last week and they are ripe but I can't use them right now (no time) so I want to freeze them for use later.

Can I slice them and freeze them on a cookie sheet first ? Then put them back into a freezer bag ?


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My USDA guide book recommends paring, coring and cutting into halves or quarters. Heat the pears in 40% syrup for 1-2 minutes. Drain and cool. Pack pears into containers and cover with cooled syrup, adding 3/4 teaspoon ascorbic acid (fruit fresh) to each quart of syrup. Leave head space, seal and freeze.

40 % syrup is made with 3 cups sugar + 4 cups water.

Also, for questions like preserving fruits and veg. Don't forget you have a wonderful source of info handy--just call your county extension service home economist. A big part of the reason she's there is to answer this sort of question.

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You can do them in the syrup or make pear sauce instead of apple sauce and freeze.

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