George Foreman Grill

nita1950January 6, 2003

I received a small one for a birthday present. Has anyone tried one? How do you like it? What have you tried cooking on it? I am excited to use it...just got it today. Nita

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Nita, I've had a small one for several years and had used it so much that I just purchased a large one. It's not that the meat we cook on it tastes all that great but it is so handy for a quick meat. DH and I both work 9 hours a day and commute 1 hour so speed is important to us. Depending on the thickness of a boneless porkchop it only takes 3-1/2 to 9 minutes to cook a whole grill full. Also, DH doesn't cook, he doesn't even grill outside but he will grill on this while I prepare the rest of the meal so it really is a help. The food tastes fine but you might prefer to make a sauce or something to go on it. I mainly do chicken and chops on mine but there are loads of things you can cook.

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I got myself a small one a couple of months ago because a friend of ours was so happy with his. He said he wishes he had gotten a larger one and his was larger than mine. The nice thing about it is that it cooks both sides at once. What I don't like is that the meat is not as broiled looking as on the gas grill outside but it is fast. Real thick meat cooks OK but I worried that one side was not cooking right because it doesn't open evenly but it came out OK. Cleans up real fast. Works much, much better than a frying pan and the timer helps a lot so you don't have to stand over it and there's no spattering. I'll probably use the outdoor little gas grill when the weathere is more pleasant and the days are longer because that's handy also but it takes twice as long but the steaks really sizzle nicely.

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A timer? Mine does not have a timer! Yes., it does cook fast and clean-up is so easy. I love it. I've cooked mostly burgers on it. Nita

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I love mine. I cooked chicken breasts sprinkled with salt, pepper & garlic for my son to wrap in tortillas - and he raved. The leftovers were excellent also.

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We've tried ours once so far, DS has one too. He loves his, ours..made burgers, they were dry, so watch the timing. I think about 1/3 of what it said to cook would have been bettr. Also ours says 2 burgers, but we bet the pre-made patties, and only one fits at a time. Still quicker and cleanr than a frypan.


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My mom and dad have one of those and they love it. Makes a very quick, easy and tasty meal.

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Although my DH grills out a lot, he CAN'T get burgers right, either raw or burned. GF grill solves that, although I only cook them about 2-3 minutes -- if you follow the recipe book directions, you get charcoal!

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I started with the countertop grill...loved it....since then, I have purchased the rotisserie (for excellent roasts)...the broaster (for buffalo wings and cornish game hens)...and finally got the outdoor grill, which I use for everything....corn on the cob, baked potatoes, shrimp, brisket all come out perfectly and no more buying charcoal...did the gas grill thing and never cared for it

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Love it! I keep the freezer stocked with frozen salmon and frozen crab cakes from Trader Joe's. They come out perfectly, it's fast, and it's easy to clean. I gave my mom one for Mother's day this year. She thought they were gimmicky, but now she's a convert.

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I've only used ours twice, I almost burnt the burgers the first time-------definitely cut down on the timing. I want to experiment some more with it. Cleanup is easy.

There is sooooooooo much grease that drains down into the little catcher pan that I was thinking the entire time-------We've been eating all of this grease!!! Shocking!

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I love my grill. One day I happened to be at my son's house with the grill in the trunk of my car. (It's a long story - don't ask why it was in the trunk) He asked me to cook some chicken he had defrosted. When he arrived home for lunch I had grilled the chicken breast and cut it for tortilla stuffing. He raved so much the next day he went out and bought a grill just like mine.

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I have a large one and use it all the time...I can't imagine not having one..I marinate just about any kind of meat and then dry it and grill it....I noticed Wal-mart has small ones for under 20 dollars so I am going to get a small one to use just for things like boca burgers that I use at lunch time instead of having to use the large one....

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Wanted to say also.....the grill is wonderful for making ahead chicken strips for fajitas or to use in casseroles or salads...or just to have the breasts ready for a quick meal I buy a big bag of boneless breasts or tenderloins or a couple of good steaks and cook them and then slice them up and freeze them...this comes in second only to my boiled burger meat...and the wonderful thing is that you have the prep mess only once and the time to do it is when you are preparing dinner for the evening or when you just have some extra time.......

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I also love mine - we used it several times a week! DH is on the Atkins diet so we are grilling a lot of food, but what is nice is being able to throw the banana peppers, mushrooms, etc right on there. The nicest thing is going from freezer to table in under 15 min - sometimes under 10!

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I also love mine. Have the real small one,which is great for a quick burgher. Also have a little larger one. Have any of you seen his new,lastest grill? I got it a couple weeks ago, It has temperature control,a timer,and the best part; Removable grid plates!! Boy,do I love that,as it is a good size. Will cook 6 burghers at same time.Got it on QVC. ~Dotty~

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I like hot dogs best on this.. my grandparents got me to doing this.

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Big Mama - please explain (with recipe please) boiled burger meat. I'm interested.

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I find that the meat comes out tasting blah because if you put spices on they just stick to the grill and burn.
I guess if you marinate first it would be better.
I did find it made the best steak I've ever managed, I normally don't cook them because they come out like shoe leather, but the gf grill did a great job, very tender.
I like cooking salmon steaks on it, but find it really hard to get rid of the fishy smell afterwards, have tried many things but seems only time and repeated cleanings totally gets rid of it.
Does anyone know how to get rid of the fishy smell from the grill?

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I am surprised that this thread is still going. I just purchased 8 George Foremans for Christmas presents (the small 2 burger ones) for about $13.00 at Target. They made excellent Christmas gifts. I use it all of the time, mostly for burgers, grilled cheese and breakfast patties. Thanks for all of the responses.

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I love mine and am going to give them for presents next year. THey are great. Fast food, easy to clean and the food tastes good. I bought some good cookbooks for this purpose and have had some great easy fast meals come from my grill.


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I'm curious about these grills: are they treated with a non-stick coating? Can you use metal utensils with them? How long would a GF grill last if you used it twice a week? Which is the absolutel best model to have for a large family? Thanks!

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Today I bought a "Next Generation" GF grill at Walmart for $49.84. The grill plates are removable for cleaning. It cooked twenty hamburgers IN GROUPS OF THREE to perfection in about 45 minutes. They cooked for about 5 minutes per set of three burgers. Per instructions I've read elsewhere, as soon as I finished cooking the burgers, I unplugged the unit and put a length of wet paper towels inbetween the grill plates and closed the lid, in order to "soak" the food off while we ate. It cleaned-up in about five minutes. The burgers were well-done and delicious. Compared to what we cook on the charcoal grill, this was so much easier, time-saving, and the food tasted far better -- no burning and no raw meat in the middle. Perfect!

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Thanks so much for that helpful hint about placing the wet paper towels on the grill immediately after cooking! I love our GF and we use it all the time, but I still hate the mess. I spend way too much time trying to get all the stuck on food unstuck. I think it also has to do with the fact that I generally use dry seasoning on my meat and not marinades. I am going to try the marinade way and see if the food comes out better and with more flavor. Now I just have to learn about marinades :)

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DS gave me the large version for christmas.I love it,but it does cook really fast,so I burnt the first steaks I cooked,Now I'm getting used to it.'We don't eat bacon too often,but when we do,it's perfect.Bacon doesn't curl up,and all the fat just drips away.
I'd highly recomend it.

eliza ann

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I really like my GF grill and have found that if I keep a cup of water nearby when I'm cooking pork chops and add a few spoons of it to the back of the chops------no dry chops! Will probably work for other meats, too. Could possibly put some soy sauce or other sauces in the water.

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I found with my GF grill that the white plastic housing has discolored at the back so I exchanged it for a new one. I guess the high heat alters the plastic? Burns it? I've never burned burgers on the GF grill, so I hope that was a fluke.

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Am I missing something regarding a quick clean up? I got a GF grill a few years ago, when they first came out. I found cleanup VERY difficult because you can't submerge the unit in water, obviously. Using the plastic spatula to scrape off the grill cleans it marginally. Even if I use Pam no-stick spray, food still sticks to the grill. Cleanup for me is, at best, messy.

End result: it is collecting dust.

Can anyone help?

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Lasershow, try putting a damp paper towel inside the grill after finishing cooking and turning the grill off.. let the paper towel sit in there while you eat, makes cleaning easier I think. Now I see the have the GF grills with the removeable grills,,guess the company is listening. the thing I don't like are the open parts around the grill, there must be food oils in there that you can never get out.
I like grilling vegetables and pineapple slices also,, and of course hot dogs are great grilled, then grill the bun too.

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Grilled cheese sandwiches are great!

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Hubby wants one of these after our neighbor raved about hers. Which one is the best one to get? It's only the two of us but I want to get the best one for most uses. He makes a lot of chicken, sometimes steak, and we love grilled cheese sandwiches.

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I have had my small grill for a few years and use it when my husband is out of town. I cook hamburgers, steaks, pork chops and grilled cheese with it. I take a brush and put a little olive oil on it prior to using it and clean with a paper towel after cooking. I have had no problem at all. I like mine well done so the recomended times for cooking are perfect. I make Bobby Flay's steak sauce on the stove for my steak and it's excellent. Enjoy!

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Can someone comment on the smoke? Does the grease, smell, smoke, and steam escape continuously around the sides of the grill while cooking? Does it come out in one big puff when you open the lid?

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I just bought one recently and have used it a few times. I was going to comment on exactly what jamies asked about -- the smoke/steam. It does release quite a bit when grilling meat, and in fact, I've decided from now on when I use it, I'm going to place it on a tray on top of my cooktop so that I can turn on the fan to suck up all that smoke. What do others do?

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That is exactly what I do with my 5 year old GF grill. The grilling fumes can be very strong-very, very strong with fish. When I lived in a house with no oven or stove for a year, I cooked almost everything on the GF. My kid's wooden blocks under the front feet levels the grill and then you can do pancake fingers, and scrambled eggs. Pizza cut in half can be cooked with the lid slightly raised, and Costco chicken nuggets are quick and tasty crisp on the grill. The only problem was our renter upstairs could smell every meal!

I noticed the new expensive version has a tilt bed and different plates, I guess
i wasn't the only one that used it for everything!

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I haven't had the smoke/steam problem for some reason.

I like my GF best for making pannini's.

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The DAMP PAPERTOWELs CLEANING TRICK REALLY WORKS WELL. It looks like it steam cleans the grill with the remaining heat in the plates, then you just wipe it down with another clean papertowl!

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I'm going to jump in very late and say...

These grills make the best quesadillas ever! So simple and good. If you're feeling particularly lazy, just put torn-up American cheese between two tortillas and grill. Otherwise, the sky is your limit.

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Several good ideas here! I used my GF grill for boneless chicken breasts or tenders & do at least 3# at a time. If I'm getting it out (very sm kitchen), I'm making it worth the time! I like the grill & haven't had smoke/steam problems. My hb's were dry, but I think I had them in too thin a patty. May try it again.

I spray the meat - not the grill - will a light spray of no-stick before cooking. It helps with the cleanup. After each session, I wrap a paper towel around fork tines & do a quick, careful 'sweep' of the grids.(lost the plastic thingy that came with the grill). Prevents a lot of hard-to-clean buildup. I'll be using the damp paper towel idea, too. That's sure to help the final clean up. (sm. grill, non-removeable plates).

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I have a recipe that calls for broiling chicken wings before cooking them in a sauce in the oven. I hardly ever made it because it just seemed to time consuming and messy to broil the wings. DD told me she used her George Foreman grill to "broil" the wings. I do it now and it's sooooo easy.

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"George" as we fondly call our very large grill with its own stand, sits proudly in our kitchen. We have had "him" for several years and I bought it at Costco. We have definately gotten our money's worth out of it. For once a month cooking or bi-weekly, I buy larger quantities of bnls/sknls chicken and precook and slice like others do and keep in the freezer. Really speeds up last minute meals. Just wait and put the bbq sauce on the last 5 minutes or so. One thing we like to do that I have not seen mentioned on this thread, we cook french toast on our grill. Yum! and it makes enough to feed everyone and it is quick with the cooking on both sides. A comment about a previous post, all the juice that makes it in the drip pan is NOT grease. Much of it is actually water that has been added (probably to increase the weight) I buy the skinless breast and still get tons of water. It is just flavored water that is injected into the meat to make it juicier and more flavorful (and weigh more).

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I agree with xantipee - I use mine mostly for Quesadillas. I use some leftover chicken and shred it up. I do one tortilla at a time and fold it in half. I mix up the ingredients as well. I've done some with mushrooms and roasted red peppers as well. The skies the limit.

I also use mine for the garden burgers, boca burgers and other things as well. Its great. Everything cooks soo fast.

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I have the George on a stick like Home4Him.
I couldn't live without it. It sits on my patio right out side my back door & I use it all the time.
We live dangerously & I usually just wipe it down after I use it. I love it so much that when my 1st one's coating was beginning to wear I bought a back up incase they discontinued my model. Jill

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I bought a next "grilleration" grill. Preheated the grill like it said. put a 3/4" thick steak on it. I don't recall how long it took, but it was pretty quick. cooked the steak about medium. The steak showed not a trace of browning, and tasted about like you would expect a "baked" steak to taste, very blah!
This was one of the larger models "4 burger size". I think you just can't get enough heat out of 1300 watts to brown both sides of a steak at the same time. I cleaned it up and returned it. Rain or shine, steak and burgers get done on the grill.

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I live in Texas & hate to heat up the I got out the George Foreman chicken cooker & put in the frozen rolls (took them out of the foil pan). Mine has a timer. I wasn't sure about the time so checked now and then and the two grankids ate all of them. They don't normally eat much bread because of carbs..said they "lived' it up.

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We love the George Foreman Grill for sandwiches. It makes great paninis! And if I am using salami or some other fatty meat, I grill it first, and then put it on the bread or roll, along with cheese, mustard, whatever! Very easy cleanup with a moist paper towel.

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I had a GF grill a long time ago. It didn't cook the way I liked so I returned it. I assume there have been improvements since my last purchase and was wondering if anyone has had experience with the one Cuisinart makes?

I'm leaning towards this one because I'd like to be able to adjust the temp and switch grill plates for waffles, etc.

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I have the small two burger one bought at Walmart for $8.00 several years ago. Love it for pork chops, burgers, chicken and hot dogs [split in half]. One bad thing is no shut off switch. Appliances should be shut off before unplugging.

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Wow, this is an old thread, but I wanted to add Italian Sausages to the list, I was giong to do the on the grill, but the weatherman had other ideas, I have a really old small one and Love it?

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