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asoloDecember 12, 2007

I see plasticgarden was successful in getting the "marriage scam" thread blown off.

I wasn't impressed with the thread, but I'm completely honked at plasticgarden and our erstwhile monitor -- whoever they may be -- for yanking it. There was nothing in there rising to the level of more than irritating banter -- something this forum and many others here are full of. Apparently we can't even choose our own drivel without passing plasticgarden's test, now.

Disappointing IMHO.

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Here we go. Yes there was~it's called that website address he left in the first post.
You didnt look at it,even sweeby said it was vert hateful and full of racist and sexist content.
Why are taking up for him when you couldnt even be bothered to look at the site?
By the way,i think it gave my computer a virus.

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Well, I for one was shocked that anyone even commented on that thread. I was hoping it would just drop and had no idea why anyone here felt the need to post to it.

I agree that most things here should not be overly monitored... but that particular post should have been pulled the minute it was put up. Although the banter and exchange of views within the post was fine IMHO, the second link that was given by the original poster was just uncalled for. I was so offended that I had absoultely no desire to converse or even argue with the poster... which I actually think may be a first for me.

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I didnt even look at the links at first,which is the only reason I did post to it.
Say what you want asolo,but since you wouldnt look at it,you dont realize how incrediably offensive it was.Apparently the monitor thought it was too and that's why they yanked it.I have never complained about anyone else here to the monitors but that one I just could not overlook.

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Anyways Asolo,you can relax,because I have requested GW to cancel my account as well.I no longer have the time or effort to post.
So you can be honked at me all you want.

Have a nice holiday everyone.

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Thread ran its course anyway.

Since I'm feeling the guilty one for shocking Carla, might I say that I made comments to get more info out of him. Here's what I learned: he was 20 something. New York arrogance. His post was a cry for help. He didn't want to believe what he did, but evidence around him kept him from following through with a desire to commit to anyone - sad, really.

I hope that poor girl he's gonna call runs like the wind. Narcissitic P.O.S.

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I never looked up the website links either. Just responded to the conversation that was taking place. I never look up the spam type websites. In the past when I have linked, I've ended up with problems on my computer.

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Before you say Goodbye, I did want you to know that I thought your posts were well thought out, and helpful, as they usually provided some very good insight to not only the poster, but to those on the forum. We learn from each other. I understand your desire to say Goodbye, but I do believe your time here was not in vain, but that you helped people along the way, as they struggled through whatever life was throwing their way.

I wish you well! Take care plastic garden.

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Please don't leave, plasticgarden.

I don't know how anyone who read those links could be mad at you for reporting the post. I personally feel that anyone should have the right to feel free enough to say what they want on these boards, but I also believe in the right that people have to complain if/when they deem necessary. And, I even believe in asolo's right to be mad at THE MONITOR who pulled it... although I'm not so sure he should be having such a strong opinion on the whole thing if he actually never read the links.

There have been other very inappropriate posts that have been pulled for saying a lot less. People just usually don't respond to them.

Don't let that guy win. He came here to stir things up and I would really hate to see someone leave directly or indirectly because of that post. He's probably laughing at and enjoying this post.

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Just so you will know I have not been on here that long but the post that you have sent to me has been quite helpful. When I first read that post I was thinking to myself then that was more info than I really cared to hear. That is something that should have been posted on a chat line somewhere. Don't leave because of one person that feels the need to dog someone for doing what they thought was right. If asolo likes that kind of thing than go to another web site to see it. I am on here to ask for other people's opinions on some of my personal issues, but those kinds of issues are for private viewing and counseling.

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I appears that Plasticgarden is not leaving because of the marriage thread. She wants to leave because asolo felt the undying need to start a thread to make her feel bad.

PLasticgarden, you are well liked here. Some people just need to be angry all the time. Dont let her bully you away!

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Ninos - Asolo is a dude. Insightful, intelligent and blessed with a sharp tongue. Doesn't post problems, only has answers. Many of them are pretty good ones. Sometimes he's direct to the point of rudeness, but who cares.

Plastic, I'm sure you haven't left yet. Just change your user name and come on back - after all, this is all just a false world where we can examine where we fit from a safe place - and don't let this ruin your day.

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I don't want anyone to leave. I agree with some of what plasticgarden writes and disagree with some of what she writes. I am in favor of free and open discourse. Period.

I thought Raoul's OP was "spam" because there was no expression of opinion -- only reference to web-sites -- and I said so. After that, he did begin writing what he thought, as did others. Whether I liked what was written or not or had anything to say about any of it is beside the point. The point is: Let the discussions roll.

Although I wasn't impressed with this particular thread, I was offended that it was pulled. On the other hand I acknowledge the monitor's authority to do so....even if I disagree with it being done.

On we go. C'mon back plasticgarden. Everybody loves you -- even me.

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plasticgarden - your posts are as valuable here as anyone's. Why are you leaving again just because someone called you on something? You left at least once before and then came back with a new name (I'm not "telling" here - you were very open about changing your name, although I don't recall the reason nor is it any of my business). I've forgotten what your name was before, but I enjoyed those posts, too.

I don't think the post in question needed to be reported, and I normally don't respond to "I'm leaving, so there" posts. But, if you come back with another name, let us know who you are, Ok? It's good to be able to keep up with who's who.


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I liked Plastic garden's posts, as well, she came up with some good ideas and has life experience to back up her opinions.

I can understand why she doesn't want to persist with posting...perhaps she has better things to do.

Why do people post here, anyway...why do I do it ?


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Oh - asolo, I enjoy your posts, too. And I agree with you on this one (although maybe not the way you said it).

The reason I don't normally reply to "I'm leaving" posts is because I think they're a call for attention, looking for "oh please don't go!". If not, why not just stop posting?

Either way - nobody has to say "I'm leaving" because of this thread. It's no big deal, unless someone is very thin-skinned. And I don't think any of you are.

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Now you made ME think. What am I doing here?

Merry christmas, and take care all -


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I wonder the same thing. There is something addictive about this forum. Perhaps it is because people talk about real issues, and about what is "really" going on in their life, and the struggles so many of us face. As opposed to real life where so many talk only about surface stuff (wearing their social mask) and rarely getting "real".

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