ESI Sinks?

sail_awayFebruary 17, 2013

Anyone here familiar with ESI SS sinks? We've found a local company that offers a free ESI SS sink with the granite countertops. We are redoing our kitchen piecemail, but now we need to replace all appliances (except refrigerator---we will do that a bit later when we have saved up the money) at the same time we have the granite put in. I originally thought I would order a Ticor sink, then later Kraus, but it would really, really help if we could accept the free sink---unless anyone can tell me why that wouldn't be a good idea.

I'm hoping someone here is familiar with these sinks. Thanks.

I'm editing my original post to add that I just found out the name of the ESI sink is Linea Bellagio. Attached are the specs for the LB-100 sink (we would get the LB-400, which is a single bowl (outer = 31-1/4"x18"; inner = 29-1/2"x16'1/2"; and it's 9" deep). I've added a link to the double bowl sink (not the one we're geting, but same manufacturer).

Here is a link that might be useful: Linea Bellagio sinks

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Rachiele, LLC

I am not familiar with this brand. I am familiar with several stories about "free" stainless sinks with granite countertops. Typically, these are very cheap sinks that come from China. I have heard numerous stories about these types of sinks having rusting issues. Just be very careful. As the saying goes... if it is free, there must be a reason!

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Drachiele, That's what I'm afraid of. We're already accepting that we have to go with a very narrow range of granite choices in order to keep within the budget, and we are stretching to the limit to get this done. If we have to buy a sink separately, we'll have to stretch even more. Does knowing that it is 18-gauge helpful?

I understand what you're saying about products from China. OTOH, it's my understanding that both the Ticor and the Kraus sinks are from China, as well.

Initially, when they mentioned the free sink, the first thing I said was, "What if we want our own sink?" because of concern for what we would get. However, once we started adding up everything, I thought it would be worth it, especialy if someone had firsthand experience with this sink. DH thinks free is the way to go----and I agree, if I could find evidence that it's okay, given budget constraints.

I was hoping someone would know specifically about these sinks so I could go ahead with confidence or have actual, firsthand experience to use in persuading DH that we need to get our own sink.

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