Transom windows with opening storms?

a_posse_ad_esseJanuary 22, 2010


I am designing a solarium for an old stone house and we want to install opening transoms w/ storms over the windows. Has anyone figured out a way to open the storm windows from the inside (without opening the transoms too) in order to let out condensation in the winter?

I am guessing there has to be some kind of hinge system that could work?

We are having the windows custom made so we could put in whatever hardware we want. Surely there is some way of doing this?

We also have to replace all the *new* windows in the stone house with period windows and are trying to figure out what wood to use. Any suggestions?


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Use an outward-opening awning window (hinged at the top with a inside crank actuator) for the transom window, then install your storm pane on the inside. You'll be able to crank the awning window open from inside whenever you want, and no need to go outside to switch the storm for the screen, which I assume you will want.
I have seen period advertisements for an actuator for shutters that had a crank handle on the interior window frame, and would open and close shutters. Never seen one in real life.
A metal arm attached to the bottom of the exterior storm and running through a guide slot at the bottom of the fram, with a thumbscrew or catch to keep it open would be the home-shop remedy for your specific question. I just saw the awning windows as being the more efficient solution.

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Thanks! Our carpenter is going to mock up a sample for us to play with.

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i have storms and screens,theres 2 clips one on each side of window or screen.Thetyre framed out like the windows witbh about a 3"frame.

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On mine theres the transom its about 1 ft deep,the screen is framed like a window,From the outside you put in place,pull clip down on inside 1 on each side of frame,in winter we remove screen frame put glass one in attatches same way.

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