antique New england cape with attached Ell

jennybogJanuary 29, 2011

Hi we live in a old farmhouse with attached ell .(barn the is attached to house) We use it as a outside entertainment room.has anyone decorated a barn? entertaining. It has all post and beams .with cathedral ceilings.I would like to keep it very earthy.

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I would love to see pictures!

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jig ~ aren't you working on a summer kitchen? I realize it isn't exactly the same thing, but still in the ball park. jenny ~ do a search for "summer kitchen", there are some great pictures there... again, not exactly the same, but you may just be inspired. And what jig said: "I would love to see pictures!"

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Mrs Richards it is the same thing i believe. This was a summer kitchen at one time. Good idea i will google it. I will take pics and put them online tomarrow.thanks jenny

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Yup, mrsrichards, we are working on our summer kitchen. Although, it's been so darned cold..... it's hard to motivate hubby to go out there and do some more work! He's done demo so far on the old ceiling so far, but that's about it. I'm thinking come spring time he's gonna be a busy guy!

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Here is a photo that we are using as inspiration for our own summer kitchen renovation...

Ours won't be as "done" as this one..I also prefer a more earthy, rustic look....but architecturally the above picture is almost identical to what will hopefully be our end result. We currently have an upstairs in our summer kitchen....hubby is in the midst of removing the 2nd floor to open up the space to have the high vaulted ceiling on the lower level with the beams. (the upstairs was a hazard..barely any structural support for the floor and a staircase that was so steep it was almost completely vertical)

And this next photo shows a side by side comparison of the exterior of that same summer kitchen and our own summer kitchen. Ours is the one on the left side.

Is this the same sort of structure you are renovating?

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Sorry I havent taken pics. We are getting ready for the big storm.My barn is 20 by 60 feet. I have decided to leave it as rustic as possiable. The one end where it meets the house we are putting up galvanized corragated panels.Also we have a vintage cylinder wood stove on that wall. we will mount wall sconces also on that wall and 3- 9 feet rows of pegs for coats etc to hang. We are also hanging 3 very large twig chandeliers from the cathedral ceilings.more to come tomorrow. Maybe if we dont get to much snow i can take pics.

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Based on the size, barn would definitely be a much better description in your case than summer kitchen. Our summer kitchen is approximately 14 feet wide and 20 feet long.

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Here is a couple pics. When i look at them I realize how much work we have a head of use. Part of the ell was a ice house. When we bought the house it was falling off. My husband jacked it up and fixed the sill. But we took out the wall. It has been confirmed that it was a summer kitchen we have the old pics.I am going to try to put up pics wish me luck.sorry i tried i will have to do it later

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I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures, it sounds like a really neat space. And I like the sound of what you have done so far. Did you try to upload your pictures to imagsack or photobucket? They will provide several different "links" that you can use to attatch the photos with.... I have had issues on this board with uploading, where one day I can attatch an acutal picture right into my post and other times I can only attatch a link....

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The pic with the insulation and wood burning stove will have vertical galvanized corragated metal. We are putting 2 rustic wall sconces on that wall with 3 rows of pegs for coats.
We have a ton of cleaning up in there and electrical wireing also. We will put the 3 twig chandeliers between beams. we also have a 10 foot barn board buffet on one wall that we are keeping. We hope to at least get it cleaned and the wall done by Feb 19th. We are having a full moon snow shoes party.All welcome if your in the area

Here is a link that might be useful:

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We did a test burn today in the vintage round kenmore wood burning stove. All is good to go. This week working on the galvanized wall and putting up wall sconces. Wish me luck

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You did check to see it is properly vented to outside didn't you? Looks like it will be center for family activities when you are finished! Good Luck & will love to see pics as you go!

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