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seekanswerDecember 8, 2005

a friend of mine is having problem in her marriage.since then she has started to spread rumors that me and my husband are having trouble.we spoke to her. all that she says is she didn't even think like that.It is affecting our to cope up with it.

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1. If you and your husband are not having marraige troubles, then how is this affecting your life?

2 If she was really your 'friend' she would not spread rumors about you - get another friend.

My husband and I both work in the same location. It is commonplace for people there to spread rumors. We both agreed early on that we would not let things people said about us affect our relationship.

A few people tried to stir up trouble at first but now those same people realize that the bond my husband and I have is too strong for that nonsense and they have stopped even trying.

You love your husband - he loves you - what anyone else says or thinks is unimportant.

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Obviously she is not a good friend, I would look for someone new. Friends dont say things to hurt you. But as the other person wrote why does it matter what other people think, let them think what they want when you come home who is there at the end of the day thats all that matters.

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