What style of house is this?

smashingchuckJanuary 20, 2010

I was wondering if anyone could put a name to the style of house that I have? thanks.

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Something around Shingle/Queen Anne/Free-classic. It looks like the Ist story is clapboards, yes? Then it's not "Pure" shingle, but more toward Classical revival, but for the gambrel roof, which _is_ very much shingle. I could punt and say late 19th century eclectic Victorian with shingle-style influences on a 1 3/4 story Gambrel-roofed core with semi-engaged two story octagonal entry porch with belvedere.

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Whew, that is a mouthful, sombreuil!
What would be the short version? Something like
"Victorian eclectic?"

When was this house built? If it was built in the Victorian era, then for sure it is Victorian eclectic, with all the other influences collected in the term "eclectic." A totally honest description, though not all inclusive as your observations truly are. I am at a loss generally in describing architectural styles when they merge.

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I look at the whole, then break down the parts, then put it back together in my head prioritizing the most dominant or determinant features to come up with the descending order of "influences".

A wonderful, imaginative house like this one must have leapt from the head of the designer thus: "I draw a gambrel roofed 1 1/2 story with the gable toward the street. Then let's put a flattened angle bay window in the parlor and recess the entry. And it must have a porch, but the ones that stick out too far require a deeper setback from the street, so I shall inset the porch, But then, what about the space above the porch? oh, i know; I can place a roofed balcony. (spark of genius... right... now!) AHA! a wrapped-in octagonal bay porch, why, of course!, and it shall have a peaked turret roof set in to the main structure just so. That gives such a perfect composition with belt course and water table supplying strong horizontal lines to counter the vertical thrust of the turret roof, and the dominant gambrel; The negative space of the recessed porch plays off the positive form of the bay window , and, it is finished; perfection attained!
That's how I imagine the designer of this truly wonderful cottage worked out the design.

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Wow. As stated the lower story is clapboard, while the second story is shingled. Right before I bought it the PO removed all the decorative shingles on the lower roof in favor of 3 in ones. I would eventually like to back to the original look. It was built around the turn of the century (1900's).

Question about the 1.5 or 1.75 story observation though. All the rooms upstairs have 8' ceilings, and straight walls, with the exception of the upstairs bath which has an angled wall where the tub is. Does that still make it less than two stories, or is it a 2 story?

Thanks for the help and the kind words!

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I don't have anything to add to Casey's incisive critique, but I was looking at your house and your neighbors. While the core plan of the houses is probably very similar, you were lucky enough to get the more expressive exterior:)

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the style of that house is charming. I love it. is that a bedroom upstairs off the porch? wow. what a nice house you have there.

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Yes, the balcony is off the master bedroom.

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Wow casey...remind me to ask you what the heck my house is LOL

Chuck, No one can do better than Casey...well maybe shorter, but still...I'd go with eclectic victorian (though victorian includes SO MUCH!) I too have an oddball victorian and all I can do is be happy I have a date so at least I can claim victorian heh heh

I'd call it a Dolly Victorian (front heavy...ie Dolly Parton) but that's just cuz I'm funny :oP

I'd love to see what's inside Dolly land...care to share more of the charming place?

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Nothing to add, but, I love it! My first thought was 'wow!' and had DH look at it. His opinion 'Dang! Cool!' My next thought was "Hmmm... I wonder if ... " and the wheels are spinning in my head and his eyes are rolling as he waits for my next "fabulous idea" ;)

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