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dawnaDecember 8, 2006

My husband and I are getting divorced. We are in total agreement on the divorce, we don't have any kids, we have split everything down the middle already, we always had our own checking accounts so money is not an issue. So, we need to file but neither of us want to deal with attorneys. Plus he is in one city and I am 1800 miles away in another city. I saw a website about online divorces. My question:

Has anyone tried this? Did it work? Any opinions on the matter?

Thank you.

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Divorce laws vary from state to state - I would contact Legal Aid and see what they say.

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When my 1st wife and I split, all was on good terms too. We stil lutilized a lawyer, and it wasn't that expensive because there was no bickering, al was settled by us priot to seeing the lawyer. I only had to see the lawyer once or twice. Who knows how good those do it urself kits are, can be more hassle than good and cost more $$$ in the long run. And no I'm not a lawyer,lol

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It's important. Don't mess with it. See a lawyer. If you're both agreed, it will be easy and not very expensive and then you'll both be sure.

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I agree with the others -- It's great that the two of you have agreed on everything, and with no kids, your need to interract in the future is likely to be minimal. But it's still worth the $500 or so it will cost to have a competent lawyer review and 'bless' the agreement you two have reached.

My ex and I agreed on almost everything, and he was so cheap frugal, he didn't want to pay his own lawyer. But because I had one, there were things my lawyer told me that worked for my interests and against his. If he had been represented by his own attorney, several provisions would have been re-worded to balance things out a bit better.

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I saw an article on a while back about this topic and supposed to be the best one. It's founded by one of OJ Simpson's attorneys (if I remember correctly, it's Robert Shapiro and some other guy). They have a brick & mortar office in Hollywood-CA too. It's consider the best because the documents are tailored according to each county's rules and regulations, down to what color paper the documents should be printed on in order to be compliant to the county's rule. Plus your application is also reviewed by real attorneys before being filed.

If you want to hire an attorney just to prepare your docs and file them for you, the cost should be around $500 and up + expenses, depending on where you are.

Good luck!

And no, I don't work for Legalzoom.

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