Need some cabinet advice

jengeorgesonFebruary 4, 2014

I'm trying to make a decision on how much of my cabinets I should stain. Most of my cabinets will be painted a warm white with light distressing and glaze. My hood and island will definitely be stained a dark hazelnut color. I'm trying to decide if I should also stain the desk to the far right and the area to the left of the fridge. I've used a pencil to color it in both ways and will attach both pictures (I don't know how to attach two pics so will do two separate posts). Thanks for your help!

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Here's the other option.

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I prefer the first option, just the hood and island. In the second version, it kinda makes me think the desk and other end were an afterthought.

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I would definitely only stain the island and hood. I think in the end and over time you will be glad you did. It is simple and classic. Your kitchen looks like it will be fabulous!

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I also like the first choice of just the island and hood. The kitchen looks fabulous, but the picture with both ends stained dark seems to visually limit the space. It looks much more open and spacious with the lighter color on the ends.

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Thank you!! Everyone is confirming what I've been leaning towards. Sounds like just the hood and island is definitely the way to go. You're opinions help so much!

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Are you set on the layout? There's a more efficient kitchen to be had from the space, with a more functional island and better division of zones. If you have a measured layout of the space, it will make suggestions easier to illustrate.

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I would agree that you should only stain the hood and the island. It looks too chopped up in the second picture.

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I am far from a cabinet designer, but it looks like you have a bunch of small cabinets (width-wise) where you could eliminate some of the visual clutter and have more space by having some larger pieces.

Particularly where you have what looks like a 12" wide upper, and some of the skinnier drawer cabinets. I can tell you a 12" is drawer cab is good for holding pot holders. Ok, giant utensils thrown into the 2nd drawer, and paper bags in the bottom.

but I could be wayyyyyy wrong! (See what Live_Wire_Oak has to say, too, simply because the "eye" is there! )

You have a fantastic amount of space! and how lovely the cabinets sound. I look forward to seeing your finished space!

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