What do you want to eat on your birthday?

agmss15August 21, 2012

My mom and sister have a tradition of throwing their own birthday parties - with the idea of having exactly the meal they want. So since I now live in the same state I am doing the same. So I have to come up with a simple casual meal using summer ingredients and I'm drawing a blank about the desert. I'm not a cake fanatic but I love frozen deserts. Last year I made a blackberry granita with lemon verbena panna cotta. I'm thinking about a chocolate raspberry pavlova that I've made before. That would be complicated with my primitive kitchen.... Ideas?

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You have to cook it yourself? No, no, no. Check out this current thread on the CF!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: What to do on your birthday

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I love home made coconut ice cream.


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Anything almost, as long as it's not at home and I don't have to cook it. Probably coconut shrimp.

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I prefer having a birthday dinner at home and I almost always cook my own birthday dinner. I think it is a wonderful way for you to celebrate your birthday.

What are you making for your main course?


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My birthday comes in the dead of winter and I always ask for pecan pie. DH makes it for me, a big deal since he's not handy in the kitchen. He makes the whole thing, including pastry.

In summer I'd probably want fresh fruit with sorbet or panna cotta. I'm having friends to lunch this weekend and I'm serving homemade ice cream (mango-coconut, coffee, malted milk), sorbet (chocolate) with cookies (ann_t's chocolate meringue, green tea shortbread, Pepperidge Farm pirouettes). If I'm motivated, I'll make salty buttered almonds to sprinkle as well.


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I made my own birthday dinner on my birthday, since Jerry had to work, but he cooked me a birthday dinner the next day. I had double the fun.

Since cooking is my hobby, I didn't mind doing it. The hardest part, as you are seeing, is making up your mind what you want. That's really hard. I tell you what, though, I'd be happy to eat what you've mentioned! What I made for my desert came to me while I was shopping, Whole Foods had some nice organic strawberries, and I immediately thought of Ann's chocolate strawberry shortcake. It's not exactly frozen, but it's refreshing just the same.


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My mother's Red Waldorf (Red Velvet) cake. Her recipe is either the same or very similar to Ann T's. Love, love, love the frosting!!

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I don't have a set favorite for my birthday dinner, it's whatever I'm in the mood for. I prefer to do the cooking with my sous chef (Kim) in the kitchen with me, we just have fun then.

We have about given up on going out for dinner, unless it's a social thing. Too many times we've driven away disappointed, no matter our much we spend.


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Pan seared diver scallops and a glass of white wine.

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My favorite birthday treat is to take our boat to Skipper's Dock in Stonington Borough and have shrimp scampi outside on the dock overlooking all the boats. I prefer a birthday lunch since I usually don't enjoy that heavy a dinner. Dessert is usually something DH has gotten (different most years) and we share back at the house in the evening. I have never cooked a birthday meal for myself. Years I've been alone, I didn't bother with anything I would consider special.


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All the ideas sound great. I am feeling somewhat uninspired - but I will go to the farmer's market on Saturday and come up with something. I like having simple summer food that is mostly prepared so I am able to visit my guests.

I am thinking about a salad nicoise - to use up the last of my green beans, my baby potatoes and some of my sister's eggs. Maybe a cold fish dish and a tomato salad of some kind. My uncle just described a panzanella that he made and I have some stale bread.

The local orchard has really good peaches right now - which is an upside to global warming. They didn't grow in Maine when I was a kid. My stepsister made a really good fresh peach pie last night. So maybe something with peaches, blackberries and blueberries. Coconut ice cream sounds fabulous but maybe ginger would go better with peaches.

Getting inspired thanks all....

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