Upcoming Design Around This #16: Yellow Kitchens

cawapsFebruary 29, 2012

This thread is the introduction thread for the next Design Around This. Do not post your designs to this thread. We'll be posting a separate design thread in about a week, and you can post your designs then. In the meantime, I hope you'll be working up some lovely designs. For information on how to construct a design board, please see About the Design Around This threads . If you don't want to construct a board in a formal way, you can post individual photos and group them to achieve a similar effect.

The the theme of the next thread will be yellow kitchens. There has been some interest recently here, and yellow has historically been a popular color for kitchens. The only real rule here is that you need to feature yellow prominently, not just with accessories but with at least one major design element. However, that leaves plenty of room to introduce other colors, and yellow doesn't have to be the dominant color.

Everyone is encouraged to participate. A lot of people seem to have the impression that you have to be "talented" to do this, but most of us had never done this before attempting it on one of these threads. The how-to thread helps with technique, a little bit of reading and research helps with the topic (although yellow kitchens are pretty self-explanatory), and learning by doing is the rest of it.

I found some examples of yellow kitchen, comtemporary ones first and then yellow kitchens over the decades.

From Houzz.com.

traditional kitchen design by san francisco interior designer ADEENI DESIGN GROUP

eclectic kitchen design by other metros design-build Witt Construction

contemporary kitchen design by san francisco showroom ladimoradesign.com

contemporary kitchen design by other metros interior designer Begrand Fast Design Inc.

modern kitchen design by nashville interior designer Jamie Beckwith

mediterranean kitchen design by san francisco architect House + House Architects

traditional kitchen design by san francisco architect Mahoney Architects & Interiors

traditional kitchen design by dc metro kitchen and bath Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

traditional kitchen design by portland interior designer Donna DuFresne Interior Design

traditional kitchen design by los angeles general contractor Reaume Construction & Design

modern kitchen design by seattle general contractor Logan's Hammer Building & Renovation

eclectic kitchen design by philadelphia design-build Echelon Custom Homes

traditional laundry room design by detroit architect CBI Design Professionals, Inc.

contemporary kitchen design by seattle architect knowles ps

contemporary kitchen design by kitchen and bath Snaidero

spaces design

Here are some yellow kitchens through the years:









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Well, I'm not done studying Hollywood Regency yet, but the world always turns faster than I expect it to. Thanks for the challenge, DAT Execs!

Hmmm. Look at the 1950s kitchen with the deep green floor. The chair is really a stool. And in the corner the countertop seems to have an overlay--could this be a countertop extender of some sort or just a permanent cutting board? Am wondering if this is a variant own my own "cockpit" chopping station with stool and pull-out cutting board.

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I thought that the 50s kitchen with the green floor had a yellow laminate countertop with a metal edge. The photo doesn't come off as a yellow kitchen, in spite of the counter, table and chairs. It was one of the few examples of a yellow countertop, so I included it.

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florantha - Feel free to post to the Hollywood Regency thread at any time even after the Yellow design thread begins. As I understand, none of the DAT threads officially "closes" so anyone can go back and add designs at any time. I know I keep an eye out for the older DAT threads popping up again.

cawaps - Thanks for all of the great inspiration pictures. I love that you've included a very wide variety with varying elements of yellow.

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These are very cool! I like the 60's and 70's ones the most, no surprise there.

Looking forward to everyone's designs!

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I really like the 1940s one with the curved banks of cabinets and the oval floor pattern. If you look at the back right "corner", you can see a food grinder mounted to the counter. My mom used one just like that for years--she did lots of jams and preserves.

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Biting my fingernails as I nervously await the opening of this DAT. . . I might actually post a kitchen! Here's hoping I have the confidence to not chicken out at the last minute!

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When does posting start?

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Don't chicken out, purplepansies! I have zero training or experience with kitchen designing and everyone has been incredibly welcoming of my DAT attempts. I've found it to be fun and a great learning experience. When there have been ways to improve on my design, the talented eyes on GW have given great feedback that has helped me think about design concepts that never would have crossed my mind. So please do join in the fun and post your design.

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I was going to put something up tonight, Pal, but if you have time to post sooner, it's fine with me.

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