Mudroom addition to stucco Craftsman

threegracesJanuary 28, 2011

We are planning a kitchen remodel which will result in the back door opening directly into the kitchen. One option would be adding some sort of mudroom, but the back of our house is so...square, I can't picture how that would look.

The window on the left will become the back door (we will eliminate the side door which is not visible here but is to the left of the house) leading out onto a stone patio. Since it will be the only entry point from the back of the house, it would be nice to have a place for shoes, coats, etc. The floor plan of the future kitchen would not allow for it without compromising a lot of space.

I would love any idea, pictures, personal stories, etc. I have no idea what something like this would even cost on top of the kitchen addition. Our central A/C is broken so that will be replaced and moved anyway.

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When you extend the house to make your kitchen, will you be extending the original roofline and creating another room above? Or, will your room be flat and have an outdoor deck created by turning those two upper windows into french doors or something like that? I think that approach, even with a shorter height roofline, would give a little variety to your back yard exposure.

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Moccasin - we were not planning on adding onto the house for the kitchen renovation. The two upper windows are in the bathroom and will stay that way. It's only the leftmost window that will be moved/turned into a single wide exterior door. Our kitchen is too narrow to have a double wide door and we don't want a patio door as our back door.

To make the most of our kitchen, we need to move doors and windows but that leads to the problem of the back door leading right into the kitchen. We live in Minnesota so it's few months of the year that we're not tracking in something with our shoes!

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If it helps at all, here is the front of the house on an extraordinarily gorgeous summer day. We have since put in brick border and shrubs for some interest along the front sidewalk. The front is nowhere as humdrum as the back.

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I used to live in St. Paul...Just east of Snelling, between Grand Ave and, say Randolph, there is a neighborhood of small, stucco bungalows. I encourage you to drive around there for ideas.

Check the attached link and then expand the picture. My suggestion is that you could do a small mudroom that's like the house on the left, but put it on the back of your house. If you head over by Snelling, you'll see some homes with this type of entry, but in this neighborhood, the little room is on the front.
Here's another picture. When you open this site, click to view all projects. Way down the list is a photo and the house is named "Minneapolis Bungalow". I'm thinking that you could have that front entry on the back of your house.

Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: bungalow

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Why not do an inverted version of what is on the front? An open porch with an enclosed mudroom/vestibule to one side?

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patser - thanks for the links, there are some amazing ideas on that dhdstudios site. Swoon! If only I had the budget to just hire them!

I am really in love with this idea, with only 2 doors. The columns, the pergola, love it all!

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