Need answer please.

brownthumbiaAugust 18, 2013

I'm thinking of replacing my microwave but I plead total ignorance here. What exactly is a convection oven and what exactly does it do? Use as toaster? Microwave? Regular oven? I've never had anything to do with one nor have I ever seen one that I know of. Thanks so much for your help. BT

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It would replace your regular oven. I have never used one.

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as far as I know a convection oven is a regular oven that has a fan to blow the air around for a more even heat. I have a convection toaster oven but it would not replace my microwave.

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I used to have a microwave that was also a convection oven. You can use the 2 methods of cooking in combination and it's very quick but the results are much better. Such as crispy chicken skin.

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This has been a dismal summer for baking/cooking in my solar ovens due to all the rain (which is most unusual in Kansas this time of the year), so I've been doing nearly all my baking in my Sharp Convection/Microwave Oven. I make all our breads and baked goods, even our crackers, so the Sharp has gotten a work-out this summer. I try to use it over my regular oven because it saves time and energy and helps keep the heat out of the kitchen. The smaller appliance takes less energy.

I can reduce the baking time by 25-50% for most things and get the same results as using a regular oven. That's the convection feature (hot air moved around the chamber by a fan). I also reduce the temperature by 25-degrees for most things, once again, that's common with any convection oven. But the unit uses a combination of microwave/convection cooking unless you choose convection only.

I can bake two loaves of yeast bread (standard-size loaves) in 20-minutes and NO pre-heating necessary.

I had a counter top model 15-years ago, but it didn't have the large capacity the over-the-range Sharp Convection/Microwave has. I can bake 12-muffins or a 9x13-inch cake pan in the Sharp. I can roast meat, bake a 12-inch pizza, or evenly thaw a pound of ground beef in 5-6 minutes without cooking it, bake cookies (I use 3 12-inch pizza pans at once), melt a stick of butter or make popcorn in a microwave popcorn maker. I wouldn't be without one.

I haven't looked at new models (mine is 11-years old), and I'm not sure what's available these days, but if the Sharp died, I'd quickly replace it with a convection/microwave again.


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My stove oven becomes a convection oven with the flip of a switch that turns on a fan. Saves time and energy.

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There was a microwave/convection oven in the house we rented last week. I would assume that if I needed to use the convection feature I would have liked it, as grainlady does, but the microwave features were tedious to use - you couldn't just set a time and hit start, and 30 seconds was the lowest time you could program(?).

So I think it's more oven than microwave. The microwave features seem like an afterthought.

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âÂÂWhat exactly is a convection oven and what exactly does it do?-----âÂÂ

A convection oven cooks by moving hot air. A properly designed convection oven is supposed to cook/bake more evenly.

âÂÂ-----Use as toaster?---âÂÂ

A convection oven is not really used as a toaster. Toasting is cooking mostly by radiant ( infrared radiation) heat. An electric heating element is a good source of infrared radiation. However, in order for convection to work, there has to be a heat source, therefore, if you just shut off the convection fan, then you can toast/grill/boil.

"-----Microwave? Regular oven? I've never had anything to do with one nor have I ever seen one that I know of. Thanks so much for your help. BT"

Microwave heats by high frequency radio electro magnetic wave (not radiation, as in atomic bomb). Microwave cannot crisp brown food. Keeping in mind that in order for convection to work, there has to be a heat source (microwave cannot heat, it makes the food heats by itself), therefore, a convection microwave oven, which has to have an additional resistive electric heating coil, can cook in three methods, ie. microwave, infrared (bake/boil/toast), and convection.

A microwave convection oven is generally bigger and much more expensive.

Let me know if I have answered your questions.


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Thanks everyone . You've given me some food for thought. No pun intended. Lol.

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I think you need to ask yourself,"What do you use your microwave for?" A few years ago we had to replace ours. The DH wanted to get one that looked like it could fly the Starship Enterprise. I told him, "What we need that for? We need a microwave to nuke veggies, reheat leftovers and make popcorn." With that, we bought a very basic model and probably saved $100. By the way, even the basic model has more buttons on it than I've ever used.

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