He's off his meds again!

scarlett2001December 23, 2013

OK, it is the evening of Dec.22 and DH has finally decided to put up the Christmas tree. Yes, all is calm, all is bright...

Except he is decorating it with:
cat food cans
plastic bags
various items of undergarments
forks and spoons

His doctor has advised me to "Pick my battles" and "Try not to upset him over things that are not really important."

Sometimes I think "I" should be taking the meds.

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I think I would enter it in the best recycle-reuse- themed tree contest.

My very concerned for our environment daughter once had us decorating the tree with bio-degradable items. Popcorns - before they were genetically modified, strung cranberries (messy and stains), pine cones of every shape/size, interesting foliages, etc.

Outside, tho. The critters loved the treets, too.

Yeah, let it go. It's only an advertisers holiday. Really. It's all been one big advertising campaign. For Jesus doesn't really care about tree decorations, right?

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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Scarlett you have my sincere admiration for living in that situation. I am not afraid of many things but that kind of thing would suck the life out of me. It was hard for me to put my husband in a care home, even after doctors told me if I did not get rid of the stress I would die before him and who would take care of him then. One day my friend told me "your life is just as important as his is". I thought about that and have never regretted placing him in a home. I have fully recovered from my stress related health problems. It was the right thing for me to do.

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Worriedone, what great way to look at it! It's all in the perception, isn't it?

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