Married couples in bathtub question

scarlett2001December 11, 2009

This has been perplexing me for many months so I thought I would ask you married folks about it: you know the Cialis commercials? What is the significance of the couples sitting outdoors in separate bathtubs???

Is is romantic? symbolic, provacative? (If so, I don't see how) I just don't get it.



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LOL Scarlett! My mother & I were talking on the phone the other day and pondering the same thing! We both agreed that it didn't seem like much of a turn on to us (except for the fact of being sqeaky clean)...I don't know, I don't get what that's supposed to signify either?

Maybe we should email the pharma company and ask just what does that signify? Lol, would be entertaining to hear the response anyway..

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Just plain weird to me!

I mean... there's no plumbing going to or from those tubs...

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I'm not sure who does the writing for the pharmaceutical commercials, but frankly, they are all a little on the creepy and weird side! I didn't get the outdoor bathtubs either... Maybe it was a getaway to Amish Country? LOL!

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this is hillarious, so many people discuss the same thing

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I just figured showing the two in one bathtub, with no apparent clothing, was considered too risque'. ;-)

Also -- I've noticed that many commercials these days are downright silly, often way over-the-top. In many (if not most) cases, the commercials themselves have little (if anything) to do with the actual product being advertised.

Seems to me the main (if not only) purpose is simply to attract attention. And the couple in two bathtubs definitely accomplished that, LOL.

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