I know it's probably just a cold, but...

pammyfayFebruary 2, 2013

... how long does it usually take to know if it's really the flu? I have just a clogged nose, scratchy throat (that was the first symptom, Thursday evening), little bit of tiredness -- no aches, no vomiting. I was on a plane Monday, so I'm sure other peoples' germs just swamped me. I am crossing my fingers after hearing some of the flu sufferers' stories here!

I did get a flu shot this year.

Advil PM is helping me sleep just fine.
Last cold, in March, I took Advil cold & cough, I believe.
I might go get some Nyquil today instead.

2 containers of chicken taco soup in the freezer -- glad they're there!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

If you can get your doctor to call in tamiflu for you that would be a good idea it will help only if caught in the very first days. If you were on a plane your chances are high it is the flu. I have heard early use of zicam is helpful also.

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No fever, no aches, sounds like a cold, which you also catch by being in close contact with people on a plane.

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I agree about it probably being a cold.

(And to help you feel better, earlier).

o j

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If you had the flu, you would know it. It hits you hard and takes you down. I had the flu once, when I was in my thirties, and was in the hospital for a week. No doubting what I had. And I am healthy as a horse. Hope your cold goes away soon.

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