Anyone have this problem?

kassy_msDecember 29, 2005

I love my husband, but his first wife ruined him with all of the negative comments. To this day my husband doesn't kiss me ( not a peck) Also when we were first together it was good, now it is very routine. Same way every time. No foreplay, no kissing. So I am very unhappy. But I have a good man, do I have to live without good sex? He cooks, cleans, keeps the kids, works outside, what ever I need, doesn't smoke or do drugs. Never questions how I spend money or anything. But I can't get him out of his routine. Now if he has a few drinks he loosens up, but that isn't how I want it. I will admit I am currently over weight so I am not as out going in bed as I should be but I know my weight doesn't bother him. So if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.



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I certainly donÂt have any of your problems since now I donÂt have a husband at all!

Even "routine" would be good by now :) LOL

About the kissing part --- hmmm; I would be particular about that if my partner would smoke; not floss; brush & rinse on a regular basis.

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Did he kiss you *before* you were married? Does he know you're unsatisfied with your sex life? Does that bother him?

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It sounds to me like he has alot of issues that he needs to work out, its not you, he needs to go to councling and then maby both of you need to go together but he needs to find out why he cant show affection. Who knows it could be something deeper in his past that he is not sharing with you. If he loves you he will go get the help he needs.

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I am (soon to be was) in a very similar, possibly identical marriage.

His first wife did not 'ruin him'.

Your weight has nothing to do with it.

He has serious issues.

Click on my name if you want to talk privately.

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Has he ever told you the reason for not kissing? I get very weird about kissing. I always loosen up after a few drinks as well. My ex never brushed his teeth and it really grossed me out. My DH knows this and keeps up with his personal hygiene, but still I get a little freaked out! lol. Never had this problem until my Ex. But it honestly has nothing to do with my DH.
After he does drink, is he more at ease talking about it? DH and I tend to get a lot out in the open after we have been drinking. We always feel better after.

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