Paint finish for kitchen walls

cal_sunshineFebruary 6, 2010

I was wondering what finish most of you use when you paint the walls in your kitchen. Flat, eggshell, satin...?

My husband insists on satin and I think that would be too shiny especially with all our new lighting! He's afraid that the flat paint won't be washable but I've heard that the new ones are easy to clean.

Also could you tell me which brand you used? I've always used BM but now they have Aura and Natura and it's all so confusing!

Thanks in advance for your help.

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We have Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo enamel on our kitchen walls (the PO picked it). It is definitely glossy, but I love how easily you can wipe it down when needed (frequently in our house!) We have the same color in an eggshell finish in the bathroom, and it doesn't handle the wear and tear (or the moisture, unfortunately) anywhere near as well. The shininess is a small tradeoff for the durability. We will probably look at Aura for the remodel, though, since I hear good things about it.

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I wanted to use semi-gloss in the kitchen and baths. The painter talked me into using SW Duration. It seems to be alright in the bathrooms, but it's a mess in the kitchen. We've only been in our house 6 mos and I already have grease stains behind the cooktop that don't wash off. One day, when I get motivated, I'm going to have to prime it with Kilz and repaint the backsplash area with a semi. I do realize the color might not match exactly in the semi, but I'm hoping since it's just that area between the counter and the cabinets it won't be super noticable.

Totally Confused

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We have SW Duration and it works fine. It is above the 4 inch granite backsplash but we have a stainless backsplash behind the range. I find the splashing around the sink wipes up easily. My contractor wanted to use Duration (washable flat paint) in my house because of the uneven plaster walls. I am not as crazed by the reflections as he is but having painted a few rooms with it myself, I have to say that it is really nice to use. Also very low smell. In other parts of the house I have been easily able to wash off small grimy grand kid fingerprints without a problem.

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I'm using BM pearl finish - just painted Friday so I don't know how it will hold up but I do like the look. This is my first time with BM paint. I normally go with satin finish. It's a step down from semi-gloss but still gives you a decent cleanable surface. I use semi-gloss on the trim.

I don't care for eggshell and only use flat on the ceilings.


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Aura Matte. Soft, velvety finish, extremely scrubbable, touches up well when needed (for large areas use same roller/nap as originally used to prevent a difference in texture--that's what you'd notice, no difference in actual color). We love it.

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I visited a color designer the other day. She said Pearl finish works best, BM. Don't know if that helps, but I will be doing that.

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Ben Moore Aura... love the stuff. Have only used the eggshell for walls and satin for trim....will never use anything else now... I think the matte or the eggshell for walls is optimal.. Love their colors too, though I usually customize my own :). Good luck!

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So funny that all responses so far are Benjamin Moore. Mine is, too! I got pearl. Should be fine for scrubbing. A little shiny, but not too much. Flat for ceiling.

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I notice most of the paint mentioned in the kitchen and decor forum is it really all that? I have never used it, but know I don't like KM...most recently I have used Valspar from Lowes and have been happy with it.

What is it that people like so much about BM paint? I am going to eventually paint in my kitchen and will use a semi-gloss.

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Thank you everyone for your help. Looks like Aura is well loved and flat. Hopefully my husband will go for it:)

vampiressrn-I used BM regular flat paint (I think it's called Regal) on my ceilings and I have to say that it went on very smooth. The paint is a bit thicker than others I've tried before so no drips or splatters and one coat over primer was all that was needed. Maybe that's why people like it.

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BM Regal flat matte is what I like. (Vampiressm me too)

I have just a few shiny surfaces in my kitchen. I like the
feel of soft light being absorbed. I even have a honed
counter so you get the idea I like things flat so nothing
bothers my eyes. : )


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We used BM Regal in pearl finish on our kitchen paneling. The finish is beautiful. Just right. Our cabinets are Satin Impervo waterborne.

I had not used BM paints before, but wow, I was impressed. It went on so well, didn't smell too badly, and dried quickly.

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FYI, we used Aura Satin finish on our base molding (in the same color as the walls)--Aura isn't available in Pearl. I'd probably have preferred the Pearl (lower sheen than Satin), but the Satin sheen doesn't jump out at you, so I am okay with it.

I am really impressed with the scrubbability of both the Aura Matte and the Satin. In a household with two adults, no kids, we end up with an awful lot of scuffs on the walls (esp along the stairway walls). I scrub them with a blue scrub sponge (even add a dab of BKF for really stubborn scuffs), and there is no paint transfer at all. Occasionally I've found that a hint of blue from the scrubby side of the sponge is left behind, but I wipe over it with the sponge side, and sometimes dry the area with a piece of paper towel. The walls look good as new.

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Behr semi gloss in our kitchen. Messes wipe up easily with sponge leaving no marks. DH is a painting contractor so all paint decisions are his and I haven't been disappointed in 42 years!!

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BM Aura Matte. Been very happy with the washability of the paint especially since i cook 5 nights a week, have 2 young messy boys and 2 LARGE labs.

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