Mouse problem

newhomeowner-2009January 2, 2010

So this year, for the first time in our weekend country house in the mountains, we have mice. I think they're coming in from a wood shed a short distance from the house. Something is definitely nesting there.

In the city I once had a mouse problem, stuck steel wool in mouse holes and ended the problem permanently. But our house seems tight as a drum, and I have no idea where to put the steel wool.

Anyway, they're in the house, nesting somewhere, so I got to kill 'em. I just really can't stand rodents, it's a phobia I guess, but I'm a homeowner now so I have to buck up and kill. I'm grossed out by glue traps, but I guess ordinary mousetraps would be worse. We're only coming twice a month, and I'm not anxious for them to rot while we're away.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. (and yes, we have a cat, who's killed a few of em, but that's not enough)

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I use old-fashioned snap-traps. I just throw the whole trap away with the dead mouse, so I am profligate in that sense, but I hate the idea of opening up that trap to get the mouse out and then re-baiting it. Ew.

I once lived in a house that had a very serious mouse problem and we had Orkin out to bait the house. It worked perfectly, no dead mice stinking up the place. The guy said that they'd go outside to find water after being poisoned, and I guess he was right.

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Be sure to check anywhere pipes come into the house. They don't need much room. Check for any gaps anywhere and then set snap traps as suggested. The problem we have had with bait is that they can die in the walls as they will go to where there is moisture. In our old farmhouse, that is near pipes in the walls. It is nasty if they do untill they completely decompose.

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Yeah, I was tempted to do that with the old fashioned bait traps. I can set them up while we're in the house, but they would have to be in the basement so the cat doesn't get hurt.

Maybe I should get that Orkin guy.

Someone suggested on another board that I use a Victor electronic device that lets off a high pitched squeal that can't be heard by humans and keeps away the mice. I actually have a similar device by GE but it doesn't work.

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