Crown molding on 8' ceilings?

tiskersJanuary 1, 2009

What do you guys think about crown molding on 8' ceilings?

In our kitchen remodel, we have an 11" soffit (bulkhead) all around the room. I haven't decided yet how I will paint that or finish it off... but you guys have given me some wonderful ideas that are swimming around in my head!

Anyway, do you think crown molding at the ceiling (top of the bulkhead/soffit) would be OK? Or would it emphasize the lower ceilings??? If you think it would be fine, what size crown molding would you use?

Any and all advice, links or photos VERY appreciated!

Thank you!


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I added crown molding to my 8' ceilings. I think crown molding looks great on any ceiling height. Granted I used a smaller size. (No bigger than 6")

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Here is my neighbor's crown in her kitchen with 8ft. ceiling. My DH did her remodel that's why I have this photo.

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Brutuses, what a great pic, thanks! What is that paint color, do you know? And is your DH in the "business"???! My DH is doing our remodel himself, too... EVERYTHING (OY!) ... he used to have his own contracting business, but that was a few years ago.

So anyway, he says it's not so much the height of the room, but the SIZE of the room that needs to be considered. Our kitchen is only going to be about 8 - 9 feet wide/long from soffit edge to soffit edge. Do you guys think that is an issue? (i.e., too small of a ceiling area to consider using crown molding on?)

ALSO, the kitchen will be open to the dining room, would you recommend crown molding to match in that room, too?

Thank you!

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I have 3, 4 and 6" crown in my 8' ceilinged (is that a word) town house. Adding the crown to all of the rooms was the best idea we've ever had (ok maybe not the best, but it's up there). It looks fabulous and really adds a touch of luxury to a room.

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I have crown on my 8ft. ceilings as well. Love it

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lynn, off hand I do not rememeber the name of that color. I will check with DH and see if he remembers. I do remember my neighbor found the color at HD and had BM mix it.

Her kitchen is only 5 x 7 (that's actual floor space). If the crown is the correct size for the room, using crown in any space, will dress it up. Having the room flow into the dining room will make it look even more expansive, so you'll be fine and your crown will be beautiful.

Just look at acountryfarms and you have your answer. Her molding is the same molding I have in my current house and my neighbor has in that kitchen. It is perfect size for 8ft. ceilings.

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Size is everything! I think the majority agrees that a 3-4" would look great. You can also pick a style that is not too busy so as to not draw the eye up too much. That was it will frame the room nicely. My upstairs will soon be done with 3.5" molding. My vaulted dining/living/entry is 6" because of the largeness of the room. So again, size is everything.

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Thank you all!

OK, another crown molding question, please. What would you guys do? This is the situation:

We are in process of a huge kitchen remodel. We removed the wall between our kitchen and dining room, now it's nice and open but still seems like "two rooms", I guess because the floors will be different (the dining room has an oak hardwood floor) and also because there is a supporting beam and bulkhead (soffit) at the ceiling between the two "rooms".

Soooo, if I put crown molding up in the kitchen, should I carry it through to the dining room, too? I'm OK with that, and I think it would look lovely, just wondering your thoughts?

But MOST of all... if I do it in both of those rooms, what about the living room? Our living room is off of the dining room, through a large archway. However, unlike the kitchen and dining room, the livingroom is BIG... and I was thinking of putting 6" crown molding up in there. BUT, I think 6" would be too wide in the kitchen/dining room area.

SOOOO, how important is it that the crown molding be the same size, between rooms that are visible to each other?

PLEASE ADVISE! Thank you very much!

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If the rooms are distinct from each other, I don't see a problem with having wider moldings, especially since the room is larger. The moldings should be appropriate for that room, and having everything matching can be boring. This way the living room has a presence of its own, especially if the wall colors are different. Having the same crown moldings in the kitchen and dining room, on the other hand, sounds like the right thing to do. The dining room might look "naked" if the kitchen and living room had it and the dining room didn't. It would be the "stepchild" and in my opinion would look rather odd.

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Thank you so much for your post and your opinion! I really appreciate it. I think you are absolutely right... and yes, the LR is a different color than the kitchen/DR will be. So, I am thinking the same size crown molding in the kitchen/DR (probably 3 or 3.5" ?) but larger (probably 6") in the living room.

That will then be some kind of crown molding in all our downstairs, except the entryway, hallway and small guest bedroom.

Oh boy... is that OK?!!! (Egads, apparently I'm helpless! And clueless!!! Sorry!)

And thanks again!


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Acountryfarm, all your woodwork special touches are stunning! Lucky you.

Have any of you, personally, installed your own crown moulding? Was it hard to do?

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acountryfarm- love your paint color! Mind if I ask what it is? It's exactly what I have in mind for my kitchen.

We have crown molding on our 8ft ceilings and I love it! My husband and bil installed them with a bit of trial and error but they turned out great.

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We have it throughout our home with 8' ceilings. The living room and dining room have a wider/facier style than the rest of the house. I think it is a nice difference and showcases those 2 rooms.

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oceanna - Thank you. I count myself blessed everyday of my life.

We did install the crown in our current home. Not in new one. We did a considerable amount of the finish in the new home, however crown was not one of them.

suzanne6 - The color is Restoration Hardware's "Butter" I love that color.

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We have crown throughout the main floor of our 8 foot ceilinged home. It is 4 inches wide and I think it looks just grand! Of course I am slightly biased. I say go for it.

Acountryfarm: Lovely home.


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I love crown...we added it to our family room several years ago. Last year we remodeled the master bath and used crown there too. And finally, this year we've done the master bedroom and put in new crown, base and fluted trims. I'm happy every time I look at that crown.

And IMO it makes the ceiling look higher, not lower.


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