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party_music50August 14, 2012

My BF bought BBQ sauce and added it to the pork before tasting. It's absolutely AWFUL! He didn't notice the "natural hickory smoked flavor" ingredient. :( It's NOT natural. It's disgusting.

Is there anything we can add to cover/mask/improve that artificial "smoke" flavor???!!!

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If you can handle the hot meat, you could take it off the heat, rinse it well with warm water & start cooking it again.

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My only thought would be to plop the meat in a colander, drain off the sauce, then put it back and cover it with a different/better sauce.

As mentioned, you could rinse it, and hope the sauce adds enough flavor.


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I hate HATE anything with added smoke flavor.....smoke flavor comes from smoke! Period!
I would rinse the meat....perhaps make a mix of 2/3 chicken broth and 1/3 cider vinegar.....and rinse off the nasty stuff, then sauce it with a "good" sauce or perhaps with equal parts of catsup, maple syrup and vinegar.
Linda C

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I think pretty much all BBQ sauce is horrible, as most of it is sickeningly sweet. If I were to use a bought sauce, I would buy chili sauce instead or enchilada sauce. Added flavor in BBQ should come from the rub and the natural smoke, not the sauce. I frequently use Cajun seasoning for a rub and make my own seasoning mix. I used it last week-end on the chicken breasts that we smoked.


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