Thank you, JohnLiu, for tonight's fish taco dinner

BellsmomAugust 23, 2014

Thank you for the detailed how-to on making fish tacos. I am no longer a Never-Done-That where fish tacos (or any other kind of tacos) are concerned.
DH and I scarfed down 8 tacos. 3 for me, 5 for him. Never made tacos before. Used the recipe on the Masa Harina package. Never used Masa Harina before.
Stuffed the somewhat amoeba shaped tacos (probably really need a taco press) with pico de gallo (never made that before. Used your recipe. Love it.), spicy mayo (Your recipe. Love it.), guacamole (Trader Joe's version. Not bad.), grilled fish (your way), and a decreasingly small amount of cabbage on each taco (a friend's suggestion. May try lettuce next time).
Thank you SO much for taking the time to post the instructions. I will toast you every time I make these and all variations thereof!

Here is a link that might be useful: JohnLiu's instructions for fish tacos.

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You made corn tacos! Cool! I've never done that, and now I want to try too.

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My husband corrected me. I made corn tortillas. Super simple recipe on the Masa Harina package--just cornflour, salt, and water. I rolled out the 2" balls between pieces of parchment paper.
Then the tortillas are used to make tacos.
I didn't know that!

Here is a link that might be useful: This is the Masa Harina I used.

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Making corn tortillas (I said it incorrectly as well) will go next to making tamales on my list of things to try. Thanks for telling me about it.

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