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rabbit8November 25, 2002

If you purchased a car for your spouse ( car insurance ) and two weeks later they left for no reason, how can you protect yourself from getting bad credit. If the purchaser is going over seas (military enlistment). What steps should you take to insure that your credit doesn't get messed up. How can you keep up as to if they are making timely payments?

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I had this situation once and actually had the car repossessed from under him. He wasn't making payments and the car was in MY name so it was my right. I guess if you didn't want to that though you'd have to hire a lawyer or somehow convince your hubby to change ownership of the car into his name. Whatever you do do it BEFORE he goes overseas. Once he's gone it's going to be REALLY hard to fix the problem and to top it all off he'll probably take the car with him.
One other thing I just thought of but it's important. I used to be military and I know that they are pretty strict about these situations. Just make an appt to see his commanding officer and I'm sure that the problem will be fixed REAL fast. The military doesn't tolerate this stuff from it's enlisted members. He might even be threatned with revoking his overseas assignment if he doesn't solve the problem.

Good luck!!!!

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I think it's rabbit8 that might be going overseas, not the spouse with the car.

Try asking this over on - lots of knowledgeable folks there. Go to the He Said...She Said link.

Here is a link that might be useful: DOL

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Get legal advice about the situation. Get a second legal opinion and advice if you have doubts about the first one or want a confirmation.

in general go out of your way to act in a way which is above board, documented, and in a way which is well within the limits of the law

P.S. Other than that the short answer is probably 'it depends' but a lawyer, in person can give you advice about how to protect yourself and what lengths you can go to in order to monitor relevant information.

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I used to work in automobile finance, and I can assure you that this happens more often than you might think. First, contact the bank. Even if your ex wants to put the car in his name only, the bank will have to agree to release you from the lien. This rarely happens, because it's in the best interest for the bank to keep open as many avenues for collection as possible. In other words, if you're easy to locate and have an income, the bank will want to keep you on the loan so that they can garnish your wages if they ever have to repo the car. If you don't live in a community property state, try to get a stipulation on the divorce decree that says that your ex is solely responsible for the car. Even though the negative rating from the repo would probably still be attached to your credit, at least you could use the divorce decree if you apply for a home or auto loan within the next 7 years. (That's how long negative items stay on your credit.)

Good luck!

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