I have found this forum to be very helpful

scarlett2001November 27, 2007

Because it gives me persepctive to hear really different points of view-

To get support sometimes (and sometimes a kick in the behind)-

To know that whatever I tell here is not going to go around to my friends or family-

Because I can't talk to my marriage counselor at 3 am -

Oh, yeah and it's free-

And most of all, I see that there is always somebody who has worse problems than I do.

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Well I have found this forum to be very useful as well. Lots of knowledgeable people who give opinions about various problems presented, provide me with ideas on how I can deal with things.

The one thing that does annoy me, though, is I never seem to take my own advice...I dish it out, give opinions but do I follow it myself.....no !

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I agree :)
I think it is very enlightning to have so many different (and sometimes not so different) perspectives...by people who are not at all BIASED by the situations.

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I agree that hearing other people's stories helps to see our own stories from a different perspective. And i agree with popi, I don't listen to my own advice.:)

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