Darth Vader skulking outside the recycled kitchen

honorbiltkitFebruary 4, 2012

A few weeks ago, I posted my kitchen of recycled stuff, with the note that I could only make it work by exiling Darth Vader (the looming black refrigerator with unhomey digital readout) to the former pantry. A couple of people have asked to see Varth, so here are the best shots I can get.

Kitchen without evident fridge

The pantry is off a short hall that goes off the left from where the radiator is, which leads to the back door and down the basement steps.

Darth from the top of the basement stairs.

Darth from the kitchen, looking toward the back door.

This frige "solution" entailed making the guest closet smaller so that the abutting pantry space could become large enough to accommodate Darth and a few shelves.

This worked much better than having the behemoth anywhere in the 10 x 11 kitchen. Next time I am going to spring for a lovely tall and shallow Liebherr.

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With the exception of not having a landing counter next to the fridge for groceries, I think your solution is great. That is a massive black fridge!

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