How to remove wallpaper border adhesive

gibby2015January 19, 2013

I'm removing what appears to be a self stick border - leaves behind some adhesive vs wallpaper paste. There's not a lot of it but needs to be removed and it doesn't really come off with water like wallpaper paste. Any ideas how best to remove this?

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I've used glass plus to remove wallpaper. The ammonia in it seems to cut thru the adhesive. I don't envy your job! ;o)

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Ammonia, Dif, Goo Gone, paint thinner, acetone, etc.

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Thanks! I have goo gone - I'll try that. Wasn't sure if it would damage the wall/sheetrock. Overall the border came off pretty easily just these gobs of adhesive that are a bother.

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Gad, I worked on this project again this weekend. It's worse than I originally thought. It's almost like there's Elmer's Glue on there or something - some places very thick. Tried goo gone and ammonia and got some of it off but not all. I did take some of the finish off the wall however.

The part I started on is in a short hallway going to the bathroom. The wall in that area is slightly textured - the rest of the bedroom is not. I'm telling myself that maybe the rest won't be as bad - that's probably wishful thinking.

I can't imagine why the previous owner did this. Any other border I've removed in this house was applied with wallpaper paste on a sized wall and it was a piece of cake to remove. Can't imagine what they were thinking when they did this glue job - or whatever it is.

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I've had situations like that - removing wallpaper that did not come off easily and left glue residue. I removed as much of the glue as possible, then I just let it dry very thoroughly, sanded it smooth, and painted over it with a blocking primer followed by two coats of regular paint. That did the trick.

You have to use a blocking primer to seal the wall so the regular paint doesn't activate the glue.

Maybe you don't want to sand it smooth since it's a textured wall, but just sand it lightly so the primer adheres well.

Good luck.

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By blocking primer you mean something like Kilz?

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Buy a product called Crud Cutter. Spray on and wait to let it work. Then use water and a rag to remove. You may have to use a scrubby. It will leave streaks as it goes down the wall, but you are going to have to repaint anyway. You can find it in the paint section of the big box store.

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Even if you manage to get the glue off I would prime with Gardz. It is a blocking primer and will keep any bits of glue from reactivating when you paint. It is thin and milky colored, kind of hard to see on the wall but I have used it everywhere I have had wallpaper and is has worked wonderfully.

Good luck.


P.S. It also sure to open the windows:)

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