paint prep/primer and windows

msjay2uJanuary 24, 2010

okay here is my second question. I am getting ready to paint my house red and I have questions about prep. First off I have asbestos shingles in pretty good shape. all areas with chips have been patched and sanded. The house was primed and painted last year. Even though it looks nice I was really hoping for a red house so I plan to paint it over in the spring the color I want it to be.

question 1- do I need to prime it before painting it over the year old flat paint? I plan to use a satin in the red.

question 2: I have wood windows. The outside frames were painted last year but not the actual windows. As you see from the photo below the windows need some TLC. some of the panes are not in place good and need to to be redone and the frames need to be sanded and repainted. How do I paint them without them getting stuck in the frame?

all suggestions appreciated!

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If the paint is intact on the house, there is no need to prime in terms of the paint sticking. If you are going to go from a green to a dark red, you might consider a red tinted primer based on cost/multiple coat consideration.

For the windows, if they are traditional, double hung wood windows, you can take them out to restore and paint them. You just remove the stop (the front little molding) and the bottom window comes out. Remove the parting bead between the 2 windows, and the top will come out. It's a lot of work, but sanding, priming, painting and reglazing is just about impossible if you are standing on a ladder.

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We had pros paint our windows trim etc,saying that anything that was to be painted red they primed gray,blue color.

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I agree with bill it's so much easier working on some of these old windows by taking them out and it's a good time to do any maintenance on them as well and also scraping out any brittle glazing putty etc. It's a good idea to have a plastic tarp or cover(s) if you think dust or rain is going to be a problem so you can cover up the frame while the window is out.

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I am scared to remove the windows! LOL not much I am scared of but that scares me. I guess I better get a professional to do 2 to see how it is done and then I will decide if I can do the rest on my own or hire someone to do them as well. Thanks guys.
Oh yeah I always heard grey primer for red too. I guess I better prime it to be on the safe side. I would hate to have to paint multiple coats.
Bulldinkie how you doing? I remember you were MIA about a year ago and there was a major search going on to find you. Hope all is well.

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Thanks msjay2u,I had to start kidney dialysis,3xs a week,I need a kidney.I need to get one soon I dont know how much more dialysis I can handle,3 years now,I need to get my life back again.Thanks for asking.
We had restoration guys replace our windows $800. a window but the good thing is all done look and work great.They made new windows ,storms,screens the same they took out.we have about 22 windows.
Youll have to practice, reds are hard to get right ,we used palace arms red.good luck.

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sorry u r having all the health problems and I hope you get better. You would think they would help with better treatments.

I am curious to know what your red looks like. I like the name of it. do you have a photo?

I can not afford to pay anyone to do my windows.

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My hubby spent a good deal of time rebuilding the double hung windows in his Cape Cod style house. He repointed the putty stuff, replaced the sash cords, sanded and repainted the whole works, and put on new hardware. Then we installed custom plantation shutters.

He did the work inside the house, not on a ladder, except for scraping and sanding the exterior window trim.

I am just curious what sort of red paint you can put on a house exterior. In my experience, living in south Alabama at latitude 30 North, red fades out pretty quickly. Have you tried this red on a test board? I love barn red, guess something with some black in it might last longer than something with a bluish tint, which might fade unevenly to make it look purplish. I would love to know what paint you are using. I have to admire your color courage. :)

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