Julia Child in NY Times

chas045August 14, 2012

Julia Child would turn 100 on Wednesday. Her influence is covered in tomorrow's edition of the NY Times. Discuss?

Here is a link that might be useful: Article

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She was the best!! I was privileged to meet her once.

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I miss her.....but sometimes come across some of her shows on PBS. NOW those were cooking shows!

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Happy, happy Birthday, Julia!!!


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Her transplanted kitchen is re-opening at the Smithsonian (National Museum of National History) in DC. There's an article in today's Food section in the Washington Post.

Here's the link:


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I take every opportunity to watch any of her TV shows that are aired. You would think that PBS or the Food Network would do that this week.

I always give her book, The Way to Cook, at bridal showers. It gets a luke warm reception when given but years later I'm told it's the best cookbook they ever received.

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Like Chase, when I find one of her old shows I try to watch. I remember as a young girl how funny her voice sounded to me.

Besides her birthday, she's in the media for another reason now. I'll link a thread from over on the Appliances Forum about how Thermador is trying to capitalize on her image despite the fact that JC *never* endorsed any product. Pretty dirty thing to do if you ask me!

Here is a link that might be useful: Appliances thread on T'dor and JC

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Interesting thread. I hadn't seen it in the news and I haven't been to Appliances much lately. I'm not about to jump into that thread, but here's my take on it: Yeah, it's a pretty low and disrespectful thing to do especially considering JC's view on endorsing products, but I'd be surprised if it'll really translate to much backlash - in particular much lasting backlash - against the brand beyond the likes of people who hang out on the Appliance Forum. This isn't the presidential election - the competitors won't place negative ads because of it, and it won't be headline news for long. It'll be all but forgotten. That's my prediction, anyway.

One thing that makes this somewhat unique is that it's not a fight about money. The foundation doesn't want money, they just don't want her likeness used. It'll be interesting to watch.

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