Help! I have too much salt in my beans!

goodfun58August 26, 2011

Can anyone help with any way to get out too much salt in my pinto beans. I put in too much salt pork and they are way too salty. Thanks for any help you ccan provide,


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Sue, I am no expert but I would try to drain the beans and rinse with fresh water. If you have other sauce which I'm assuming you do just pour off into a separate container and then rinse the beans and add the liquid back in. I hope I don't sound too simplistic. Good luck and beans to you!!!!!!!!!!!


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Add sliced or diced potatoes to take up the excess salt. Potatoes need salt in cooking to enhance the flavour, so when you add them to an over-salted dish they sop up the excess, diluting the taste in each serving.

The potato trick works. If it's a soupy dish like soup, stew, or chili, you can add a few large pieces of potato and remove them after they are cooked so you don't have to eat the potato.

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Thank you Duane and glenda I will try both of your ideas.



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There is actually no way to remove salt once it has been added.

And the potato trick is actually just an old wives tale. A potato cooked in salted water will absorb just a small amount of salt. No more than any other vegetable added to salted water. It will not remove excess salt from an over salted pot of beans, soup, stew, etc...

If it was me I would cook another pot of beans, minus the salt and then add them to the pot of beans, that is over salted. Make sure you include the liquid from the fresh pot of beans. This should balance out the salt.


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You could try reverse brining. Suppose you have 2 quarts of salty beans, remove 3-4 cups of beans and enough fresh water to cover them by 3 inches. Let them sit, drain, repeat. Salt creates a higher density wherever it is concentrated. Ingredients always try to even out the density so if you have a high concentration of salt in the beans, adding fresh water will leech it out. Eventually you can add the desalted beans back to the pot, let them sit and the salt in the remaining beans will migrate into the rinsed beans.

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The best solution is to add more beans to the too salty ones. Nothing you can do will remove salt....
Listen to Ann....she do I!! LOL!

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I agree with Ann and LindaC, I'd make more beans and mix the unsalted beans with the too salty ones. Nothing is going to remove the salt now that it's in there, I think dilution is the only real choice.


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Yeah, beans are cheap. Either add extra or just pitch them and start over. I still think rinsing them would help but I kindly bow to the more knowledgeable people here. I have also heard the potato thing doesn't work very well. Hope you can salvage the beans...if least it's not like a ruined standing rib roast or filet mignon!


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