Free template for I.C.E. cards

ravencajun Zone 8b TXFebruary 15, 2013

In Case of Emergency cards are very helpful should you need emergency personnel contact someone for you in case you are not able to. Triple A has this free printable template for you to print out and have in your car, wallet or purse. It is also advised to enter the phone numbers under ICE in your cell phone.

Here is a link that might be useful: ICE card

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

IF you have an Android smart phone this free ICE app is really nice and can keep track of your medications also. For apple it is not free but is available.

Another great free app for Android and apple is Med Helper, take a look at it, it really does a lot for a free app. There are several other apps of this type you will see some listed to the left at the app store.
MedHelper there is also a pay version of it.

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I've done this for years, using my own form. I based it on the Girl Scout over night permission slip/emergency info. I keep it updated in Word, print copies for the cars and my wallet. I also have it in my iPhone. I had it in the note app, but since my phone is trying to die, I transfered it all into the Evernote app. I also wear a medical ID bracelet. I have the list for 3 of us. It contains name, address, phone, emergency contact info, surgeries, meds, tetnus info & allergies. Now that I have it in Evernote, it will be easy to update on all devices. For my wallet I will still have to print an updated copy.

You had a good idea Raven!


I forgot to add that DH and I both have each other's numbers listed with I.C.E. in our phones.

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Having a problem with this too. It won't do a thing in FF so I went to IE and its not opening again.

on the FF page it says the abode acrobat plug in crashed What do I need to do , please help.

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look here, other people are having the same problem

Here is a link that might be useful: crashed

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my LAN manager at work just fixed my conflict between internet and Adobe. It was a Java patch. I'm not sure what he did, but that's where I'd start, checking updates on Java.

ICE contacts in your phone are a great help. I love the card. I hadn't thought it putting it in my car, but that's a pretty good idea. I think I'll put one in my desk at work too. The book downstairs only has my mom's name/number in it. There needs to be more than that! Thanks for the link.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I used Firefox and I have no java at all on my PC and was able to print off copies with no problems.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

However I also do not use adobe reader or any part of it, I use free pdf xchange, or free Sumatra.
In fact there's a critical update for adobe reader, my choice has long been to remove adobe reader and replace with one of the two I mentioned.
Here is the link to Corrines blog about that update.

Here is a link that might be useful: critical adobe info

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I meant to mention, both on IE and Firefox, this conflict exists. It does sound like a java conflict though if you don't have it on the PC and didn't have a conflict when printing. Hm.

I'm interested in the free programs, but not at work. I have Adobe Pro, that works wonderfully, and the LAN manager fixes whatever might go wrong (rare!), but I sure will think about those when I get home. Thanks for the suggestion ravencajun.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you are very welcome. I will look around for other templates that might be easier. I printed up several to give out to my garden club ladies. I
have had my ICE phone numbers in my cell phones for a long time, now having apps is helpful. With these forms now I can replace all my little notes lol.

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"ICE" contacts in a phone are a nice idea and I did enter it, however it's value is still unsure. Have they resolved the privacy issues and law? I can't find anything that says definitively that it's legal to search a cell phone without a warrant and this can also vary from state to state.

Although the phone is one extra attempt, I feel a better idea is to tape contact numbers on the back of the driver license in case of emergency or attach the info to it. This would be far more likely to be of value than expecting someone to try to figure out a cell phone they've never seen and cell phones all operate differently. That way, you have your photo ID and info together so they know who's who. They're far more likely to check a wallet before scrounging through a phone. You should also laminate the card to help protect it if water gets to it.

Seems to me if you have a serious medical issue you should wear an emergency medical ID bracelet or something too rather than hope your cell phone hasn't lost its charge or been damaged.

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I spoke with several EMTs in my area....
and they all said that they don't take the time to even LOOK for a cell phone, yet alone to call anyone on it.

I know that when I was Life-Flighted, they did look for a photo ID and ignored the phone entirely.

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Yippee! Its finally working. I added or redid the abode plug in and now its working.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

When you reach a hospital they will be the ones looking for your info and identification to notify next of kin and stuff like that. They do look through your clothes, phones and especially for medic alert bracelets and necklaces. EMT workers are usually in to much of a hurry to do much of that.

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Thanks for the reminder.

Some states allow you to add Emergency Contacts with the driver's license department also.

Check online with your state DMV or at the time of license renewals.

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I wear a medical ID bracelet. Not only am I diabetic, I have allergies to food and medicines. I've worn one now for about 2 years. I need a good one tho. The one I am wearing is a cheap one from Walmart, and they no longer seem to carry them. I am allergic to nickle, so I keep tarnishing them badly. If I don't keep it coated in clear nail polish, it will completely remove the silver colored finish off of it and you can't tell what it was.

Beausrose, thank you for the info. Last I knew, Ohio was not one of them.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Tami I have worn one for years, lots of medical info on it, I order mine from a great place online. The lady there is so nice, she worked with me to get all of my info on mine which took front and back engraving. I have metal allergies but they offer quality plates. I make jewelry, not as much now, and one of my biggest sellers are beautiful bracelets to attach the medic alert plate to. I only wear the stainless steel plates they will not tarnish or cause allergies.
I can look up the website tomorrow when I am on my PC and post the address.
Edit to add the link to website
Stainless Steel Medical Alert ID Jewelry

I like a larger plate so this is the one I get, you can order just the plates from them also, I don't use the bracelet that comes on them anyway.
Large Stainless Steel Bracelet I

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Thanks Raven! I am a beginning beader. Would you be willing to share your pattern with me? If so, please email it to me. You should have my email address.


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