White Cedar Shingles: Best price?

dmatloszJanuary 6, 2014

Hi all,

My wife and I are gearing up to restore the outside of our 1903 home and we are looking to replace the vinyl siding with cedar shakes.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a mill on the eastcoast that has great prices on white cedar shakes?


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A friend bought a trailer full out of Western Canada. Even with shipping it was about half the cost and we are on the east coast. This house is in older town on the water with crazy prices. I got a box of 18" western red cedar primed shakes no. 1 grade all heart wood $130, 2 yrs ago. Three boxes to the square (10' x 10') , and people wonder why vinyl is used.
Google Teal Cedar, I believe they are in British Columbia

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Pretty sure Teal-Jones Group only does Western Red Cedar shingle and shake products. For quality White Cedar your choices will be fewer and most of the quality mills I am aware of only sell wholesale. And in my opinion Cedar Shingles are not something to buy site unseen from a vendor or other the internet as I have seen some pretty poor product from all of the mills at one time or another.

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Circus Peanut

We got beautiful white cedar shingles (siding shakes) from a local mill, Longfellows, in Windsor Maine. Highly recommend the quality, beautifully rebutted and squared, and they'll do a primer dip or stain or paint for you as requested.

The price was less than a national company, and I suspect the quality is slightly higher, and the service definitely is better.

Don't know about shipping costs, as we're local to the mill and picked up ourselves, but you might want to look into this and similar family-owned operations in your area?

Here is a link that might be useful: Longfellows Cedar Shingles

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Circuspeanut, thanks for that link! I am in search of a better quality shingle than I have been able to find in the building supply stores. Will be shingling a new build in Bar Harbor. Would you be willing to post pictures of your shingles?

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Circus Peanut

Sure thing, Birch - sorry for delay in responding, I just cruised by this forum again. The guys are only about half done due to many delays for bad weather. I'll snap some photos for you tomorrow.

I can only speak in the highest terms of Longfellows, they have gone above and beyond for us and the shingles are really gorgeous. Our old-tyme carpenter (72 years old and counting!) says they're a local secret. ;-)

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We also had our shingles (Eastern White Cedar) delivered from Longfellow's this past Friday. The price is still better than a national company, the service is fantastic and the shingles are beautiful. I really can't put into any other words just how fantastic they are!

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