3' hole through my poured concrete foundation

christophersprksJanuary 24, 2010

Hello folks/Professionals,

I need to drill a 3" hole through my poured concrete foundation below grade.

It's a poured concrete foundation constructed back in 1954 with a sprayed membrane for waterproofing. I have been in this house for 14 yrs. and we've never had any water problems.

Ok, I think thats enough background on the subject.

The actual question is:

How close to the corner would be safe to drill this 3" hole without repercussions?

Of course I will seal the hole back up with a mortar and use something to waterproof it.

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated

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A single 3 inch hole has no significant structural effects, especially if it is not near the very top of the wall (at least 6 inches below and it sounds like you will be down a decent distance).

A concrete coring company would be a good investment.
They will use diamond coring bits to create a smooth hole with little chance of damage from hammering.

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Thank you for your speedy reply.

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