Bread Machine Recipe Question

jae_tnAugust 24, 2012

I read many endorsements for bread machines here so invested in one. We made baguettes last week and they were wonderful. The consensus was, however, that the would benefit from a bit of salt. There is none in the dough ingredients nor is there any butter that you could use a salted variety. Would adding some to the dough make a difference? Or, any other suggestions?

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I've certainly added salt in my bread recipe using the machine.
I've dissolved the salt in the warm water, and I've also just put it on top of the flour, away from the yeast. Either way worked for me.

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Salt affects the way the yeast works....without seeing the whole recipe it's impossible to give advice on how much...or how little salt you need to add!
Post the recipe...and what kind of bread machine you have....and *I am sure someone can help.

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I'd like to see the ingredients list for recipe as well. The rule-of-thumb for salt is generally for reducing salt from a recipe, so I suppose it could be reversed for adding salt.

For instance- if you reduce the salt by 50%, then reduce the amount of yeast by 50%.

I find it very odd there wasn't any salt, unless it was specifically designed to be a low-sodium recipe.

You will find lots of great recipes to make baguettes using a bread machine that include salt. Try the one at the link below by Sue Gray and P.J. Hamel from King Arthur Flour.


Here is a link that might be useful: Baguette-Ciabatta Recipes

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thanks for the ideas. turns out, the one who made it (not me!) did use salt if she followed the recipe..... and she thought she did. life around here is a challenge, at least for me!
the bread maker is the Emeril model by tfal. it was highly rated, especially for the baguettes and other crusty breads. it was pricier than a lot of them but it has 2 hooks and makes a long loaf as well as having the pans for baguettes.
sorry for the false alarm. next time i will have her double check her info before asking me to find an answer to her problems!

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Ya gotta have some salt in your bread.
I'm sorry for offending all the people who are on a salt
restricted diet, (I'm sure I will be, before too awful long). Eating bread with absolutely no salt is like chewing on something you found along side the road.

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I've had lunch with a friend who is on a low-sodium diet and she uses Food For Life Sprouted Low-Sodium Bread and served it for lunch and you'd never know it's sodium-free - honest! It's definitely the exception to the rule.


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