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autumngalJanuary 7, 2009

In one of the kitchen renovations, they made the kitchen window much much smaller. My husband took out the window and replaced it to its original size. Also, all of the drop ceiling in the kitchen proper is down. Unfortunetly, we won't be able to go back to the plaster ceiling because it's not in great shape, but we'll be just under the original 10'. The area where you can see the drop ceiling is an addition which was put under the sleeping poarch. We are keeping that 8' ceiling so we can insulate above it. That will have a tin ceiling in it. Next step, getting under: 2 layers of linoleum, 1 layer of plywood, at least 1 more layer of linoleum (the spotted one from my previous post) to get to the wood floor I know is there!

before (photo from real estate agent before we purchased the house)

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Here's the link to my previous post...

Here is a link that might be useful: Home polish

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Kitchen looks better already with the bigger window :0)

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Thanks egganddart- it's so much brighter, which I love.

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"Kitchen looks better already with the bigger window "

And pulling out the upper cabinets really opened it up. What kind of cabinets are you planning to put in?

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My husband is going to make them- mostly with reclaimed items. The upper cabinets are going to be made from old windows. We're only having upper cabinets next to the window. The sink is staying and there will be a narrow island with the stove in the middle of the room. My plan for the cabinets is to try to get the same dark stain that is visible on our stair railing and the upper floor staircase that's never been refinished.

So far, we've found a perfect window for one side of the sink and the wall pantry (a floor to ceiling cabinet) that is kind of to the right and behind the photos. Now we're on the hunt for something that kind of matches. Keep your fingers crossed for us...

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You know, of course, about salvage yards for old windows, etc, right? That's probably obvious, but I'm new to this forum, so just mentioning it.

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We have a local warehouse that stocks lots of salvage things, plus a store that does the same. Fortunetly, the local warehouse (which is a non-profit) is pretty cheap. I've found that many for profit salvage places on the internet are quite expensive. Can you recommend any inexpensive salvage yards that are either online or in the northeast? As I said earlier, we're still looking for the right match to the other side of the sink (ideally it would be some sort of double door fitting into a 30" x 66" space, even more ideally not painted and with a piece of wood across the middle- matching the other side- I'd, of course, take a leaded or beveled glass window too...)

egganddart, I'd also say there's never anything obvious, even the most seasoned can learn something. Of course, I'm pretty new too, so the old schoolers might disagree!

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I can't wait to see more, especially the tin ceiling!

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As a follow up to the trim/moulding issue from your previous post, take the time to match it up. I don't think it's a huge undertaking to have knife cut that will replicate the existing molding.

I got lazy and cheap when we were finishing our bath remodel and just went with whatever the contractor wanted to use. I still regret that decision. Replacing it has been on my "to do" list since we completed the project 5 years ago. Arg.

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If you have a local Technical College, they may have a carpentry program. If they do, you may be able to have them re-create the moldings.

Our first home was an 1880 era home that was modernized in the 50's.

Under the drop ceiling we only found some of the original ceiling molding so we needed more, we replaced the ugly shell baseboard with molding that was "older" looking and had it all created at the tech college. We paid for supplies and made a donation.

We then lucked out and some the kids needed a senior project. They came and helped by renovating 2 upstair bedrooms and the hallway. They also Helped me with the 8x18 foot bathroom (with claw tub)that was originally 2 rooms, one with no window. They got graded on their work.

Needless to say, they both received VERY generous graduation gifts since I was not allowed to pay them.

Now, this was back in about 1984 so not sure if liability stops them from doing this anymore. We sadly had to move from the area the school was in, so I have no clue if they still do it.

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Wow petchie, what a great idea!

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